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3 Best Facebook Alternatives

Updated on July 18, 2011

Facebook, the extremely (and the world extremely is an understatement) popular social networking site, is now one of the largest companies in the world. If you haven't heard of Facebook, whether you saw the movie, read the book, or use it regularly, then, well, I don't know what to tell you. You must be living under a rock.

Lately Facebook has been taking some heat that it's privacy options have serious issues. The most recent shot at this issue was taken in the from of a documentary 'Cat Fish' where a person creates an entire fake life just by using Facebook pictures, information, and so forth. And, although Facebook is trying to adjust these settings, it's still a major problem.

And, like all things in life, there are alternatives to Facebook. Facebook alternatives range from simple social bookmarking sites, to full-on opensource Facebook alternatives. What you choose, and how you choose it, is up to you; I'm sure here to show you what the best alternatives to Facebook are.


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Diaspora - The Opensource Facebook Alternative

The biggest, and best, Facebook alternative, is Diaspora.  It has recently just entered Alpha stage, meaning it's ready to take on the world - and you.  But, you're probably wondering, what makes Diaspora so different from Facebook. 

The biggest difference is, well, control.  Unlike Facebook - in which you have virtually no control on your photos and information - Diaspora, the alternative to Facebook, puts that control in your hands.  Groups are called aspects, and you control your own aspects; furthermore the photos you put on are completley yours, allowing you to pick who can see them, and allowing you easily take them on and off. 

The best part about Diaspora, at least I think, is that it's opensource.  It's like comparing Linux, the opensource computer processor, to the giant Microsoft.   By being opensource it's going to evolve into something much different - and probably much better than Facebook.  Why?  Because of thousands of creative minds that will fix the bugs, create new program and code.  While Facebook is contrives, Diaspora is creative. 

The wide release is coming soon - that's without question.  The biggest question remains: will it forever be known as the best Facebook alternative?

Orkut - The Google Facebook Alternative

If there's one company that we all should be keeping an eye on - I mean other than Facebook - then it's Orkut.  Orkut is Google's version of Facebook and is looking to be one of the best alternatives to Facebook.  It's still currently in its Beta testing, which is means they care about what they're creating, but the promise looks, well, promising. 

A Gmail account is required, but other than that it's a much simpler process than Facebook.  You can custimize your profile with different colors and photos.

The best part?

Privacy options.  You have complete control: you can block users, report spam, create your own photo privacy options.  

Ning - The Social Network of Social Networks

Ning actually has one of the best ideas for a Facebook alternative. Instead of you simply joining a wide network of people, one where you can be easily lost in the flow of thought (I'm looking at you Facebook), you can actually create your own social network.

That's right, you can, in a sense, create your own alternative to Facebook.

What do I mean?

If you want to just be connected to a group of people hiking the Rockey mountain, then you can create a social network that only allows people with the sole interest of hiking the mountains. It's like creating a specific niche i live in, except in the case of Ning, it's a social networking niche. And if you don't want to create your own you can search a join some of the already created networks.

The interface is clean, the privacy is good, and the idea is gold.



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