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10 Free Wordpress Themes for Your Business Website

Updated on March 16, 2014


Countless options are available for developing a business website, especially if you're not looking for special functions in your website. So far, my favorite is WordPress.

In this article I will share some brief information about WordPress and then I will introduce my top 10 list for free business themes for WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most preferred content management system(CMS) in the market. It is open-source, simple and flexible. It comes with numerous features to provide readers a good experience. Also, the variety of its themes and plugins is a big plus. Anything to build and maintain a great website can be found for free of charge or with a small license fee.

Some interesting statistics from WordPress :

  • Right now there are 76,846,993 WordPress blogs all over the word. This number is only for the blogs registered on (As a matter of fact, this number will increase when I complete my article. )
  • Over 409 million people view more than 13.1 billion pages each month.
  • Users produce about 38.7 million new posts and 50.0 million new comments each month.

Personally, I tested dozens of CMS systems and I think that WordPress is ahead of any other products in the market.That's why I use WordPress in the websites and blogs I develop. It also gives owners room to maintain their content without asking for technical support.

Wordpress Explained

Importance of Themes

A theme is a main component of a WordPress website. It allows you to control various elements of your website. In the past, themes were used to add some spice to blogs visually. They were simple variations of CSS. However in the past 5 years, themes developed so much, and now they are the main differentiation in a WordPress website.

Nowadays, almost all themes have some features such a header, logo, favicon customization as standard. Also, most themes helps you customize styles (font type, color, size, border, margin, etc) of website elements without using any CSS coding. Many themes support responsive grid system which adjusts website content according to the browser window size or operation system. It looks like responsive themes will be the future of themes.

As a result of all the features I mentioned above, using the right theme makes lots of difference and helps developers save lots of time.


Vantage is so far my number one. It is very flexible and can serve various purposes.

You can customize almost any element in your website with Vantage. Administrator menu makes it very easy. This theme controls styles, header, sidebars, widgets, footer, logo, banner, etc..It comes with a nice built-in Page Builder which is very handy to create individual pages. This tool makes it very simple to create well organized pages.

Vantage is also compatible with Metaslider plug-in which is a great tool to generate sliders and integrate in your website.Sliders can be integrated in any page including frontpage.

In overall, Vantage is a great responsive theme.


Corpo is a business theme as it's clear from its name. It is a responsive theme which can be used for personal or corporate website. It features homepage slider, custom widgets, menu locations. It helps you easily manage your website in a simple and clean layout.


Responsive Theme is a responsive theme! :) It uses fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment.

Theme has 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more. Theme Options help you control your content with ease Some other good features: easy Logo Upload, Social Networking and Webmaster Tools.

Responsive is easy to customize for any special need.


A very simple theme for business websites. It has a fully responsive design, admin panel, super easy installation and setup, custom background, custom logo and favicon, blog post formats, eCommerce support via WooCommerce.


Typal for "Typical". This theme helps you form a typical business website with simplicity.

It controls the basic theme options such as customizable background, custom logo image, headers. It supports 3 custom menu, post format, emphasis box and blocks the call to action on the home page. It has 5 of places for widgets.


A very simplistic theme developed for business websites. It comes with a full-width slider and a marketing widget.

BizNez Lite

Another responsive theme with some good features. You may need to spend some time to adjsut it according to your needs as it has lots of elements. This theme supports custom logo, logo alt text, custom favicon, social links, rss feed icon, own copyright text.


Celestial Lite is a responsive theme with some good features. It supports post formats such as Aside, image, status, and quotes. It features WP gallery styles, HTML5, CSS3, Translation readiness, social networking, more than 12 widget positions, page templates, styled form elements, and more.It also has an installable child theme for further customization if you are CSS sawy.


A very neat and simple theme. It is fully responsive and looks great on any device. It features theme-options, threaded-comments and multi-level dropdown menu. A simple and neat typography. It helps you control custom menus, header image, and background with ease.


a Simple, Clean and Responsive Retina Ready WordPress Theme. It is easy to cutomized your website as this theme controls custom background, header, menu, favicon, CSS, webclip icon, and logo. Attitude supports : 5 layouts for every post/page, 5 Page Templates, 5 widget areas, 4 custom widgets, featured slider to highlight your post/page, 11 social icons. What else do you need?

Need to Know More? Tyler Overviews Themes in This Video

The Last Word

As I mentioned above these themes are my favorite ones, I hope this list gives you some idea and help you in your decision making process. I know that it is not easy to select your theme, therefore it is always good to look around before you make your decision. However, I honestly think that any of the themes above would highly satisfy your needs.


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    • profile image

      Adam 3 years ago

      Hi. Found a business WordPress theme that I consider the best out there:

      Guys, you should include it into your collection. You can get it on Themeforest.

      We are using it on our website and for the websites of our clients. Really great design!

    • profile image

      Roseline Pye 3 years ago

      I must say it is quite helpful for those entire WordPress user who are looking for some free business oriented WordPress themes. It reminded me of a place called which hosts bundles of business related WordPress themes for free. It is quite worth to give this place a look and try.

    • tenderLaine profile image

      tenderLaine 3 years ago

      thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! i found this hub to be very informative and helpful. and best of all, simple! thanks for keeping it simple.