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Nokia 3G Phones

Updated on February 15, 2016

Nokia 3109

Nokia 3109 Black

The Nokia 3109 Black is a mobile phone that presents a very dynamic attribute set, expandable memory and a very unwavering and interference free communication. The traditional design and recognizable look of the menu system makes this mobile phone very user friendly.

The Key Features of Nokia 3109 Black

The tri-band coverage makes staying in touch extremely easy and reliable.
A long lasting battery enables talking continuously for up to four hours.
There is a new facility for ease of sending and receiving emails with attachments.
Internet experience is neat with the versatile xHTML browser making browsing and searching simple.

Technical Specifications of Nokia 3109 Black

A complete set of digital features contains full OMRA( Open Mobile Alliance) client which allows the service provider to send the configurations over the air to the customer, OMA Digital Rights management, all the phone software updates are available via OTA.

The available messaging and email features are SMS text messaging, instant messaging is improved with something called Presence Technique, a Java email client which supports sending and receiving of the attachment files, MMS with OMA specifications and multimedia message support up to 300 KB.

The user interfaces consist of Series 40, large sized keypad and side volume keys and a soft key which is user configurable.

Connectivity has been made easy and fast with a Mini USB connector, Bluetooth, Infrared, SyncML allowing the remote and local data synchronization.

The various applications provided are Flash Lite which can be used to view all the Adobe Flash animations and videos and Java MIDP 2.0 pre installed set of games.

You can transfer data using four major tools namely GPRS( General Packet Radio Service), HSCSD( High Speed Circuit Switched Data), EDGE( Enhanced Data Rates For GSM evolution) and CSD( Circuit Switched Data).

Two operation modes are available. Demo Mode which facilitates the user to use the mobile phone without a SIM card and Offline Mode which disables all the transmission related activities.

Nokia 3109 Black is built built for permanence and trustworthiness with a very stout construction and a long battery life.

Have you ever owned a Nokia phone

Have you ever owned a Nokia phone?

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Nokia N85

The Nokia N85 is a user’s delight and it could very well be the best multimedia phone on the market. It can store hundreds of music files and images which can even be shared immediately using the software provided by Nokia.

The handset is one of the best in the industry and beats most handsets which boast a multimedia tool. The Nokia N85 has a built in 5 mega pixel camera for superior imaging and viewing and it can be easily connected to a computer or a TV for transferring and viewing files on a large screen. The handset has a high resolution camera for video recordings and the 30 fps main camera can attain a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels while recording. 

The handset comes with a host of accessories including:

1.Bluetooth Headset BH-903: This is a powerful headset which makes the user connect to FM and listen songs with excellent sound clarity. The superior quality of stereo and switching mode allows the user to shift to the calls instantly.

2. Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W: These speakers are optimized for 3D surround sound and give high quality with wireless speakers. These give a completely new effect to the music. The speakers are portable and can be placed easily near the handset.

3. Stereo Headset WH-700: This is a stylish headset which gives complete comfort and great sound when wired to the mobile handset. 

These are bundled with the handset and also have the FM facility that can be activated after connecting. These are a few of the great accessories which can be purchased at most electrical stores and enable you to enhance the functions of your phone.

The Nokia N85 is a multimedia device that can also be used to manage office files as it has a complete editing tool and files can be passed safely through data transfer on this handset.

The video and music files can be shared easily with friends through data connectivity from the handset which allows the user to send emails and transfer multiple files to related devices.

Nokia N96


The N96 has brought about a revolution in mobile media and can be referred to as a multimedia computer which is candidly optimized for TV and video. It offers advanced quality videos in huge formats and supports an internal memory of 16 GB with a big 2.8" screen. The handset is immensely popular and this is clear by the fact that almost seven million sets have been sold to date.

Magnificent Video quality

The various video formats supported by the N96 are MPEG-4, windows media video and flash videos. If WLAN and HSPDA are supported with a USB 2.0 connection which is established then it becomes much easier to access and transfer video content. An automatic program guide is integral which supports live telecasting on TV’s with a DVB-H receiver.

Larger memory facility

The storage capacity of the N96 has been improved from previous handsets and can store 40 video files without a problem. The phone carries an internal memory of 16 GB. The memory can also be further extended by using an external MicroSD card like the 8 GB MicroSDHC card or the MU 43 which can help users extend the memory to up to 24 GB.

Integrated camera

N96 is equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera, video light, flash and Carl Zeiss optics. The video quality is superb and supports 30 frames per second. The handset supports integrated A-GPS which facilitates data transfer to online communities.

Other services

The N96 comes with 3D stereo speakers, media keys and 3.5 mm headphone connector. It has the Nokia Maps application which facilitates more detailed maps covering urban communities. It also has satellite vision which can upgrade voice guided car navigations and city guides. Recently Nokia has also released the advanced version of N96 named the N96 firmware version 11.018 which is available with the general European product codes presently in use and agreements are being discussed by Nokia to make it available to rest of the world.


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