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3M Privacy Filters for Laptop Reverse from Glossy to Matte

Updated on February 28, 2010

3M Privacy Filters offer both privacy and ease of use. When compared to other laptop privacy filters that stick to the laptop screen the 3M Privacy Filters are much easier to install. Other privacy filters are either a matte finish (also helpful for glare) or a shiny finish – 3M Privacy Filter offers both depending on which side you prefer.

Protecting your Privacy is a Personal Responsibility

The need to protect privacy is talked about a lot. Sometimes we do not have much control over our personal data. We have personal data stored at banks, doctor’s offices, schools and even with employers. It is difficult to insure that our personal data is not disposed of in a less than ethical way. Once that data is deposited at the curbside or in a dumpster it becomes public information.

Perhaps there are some situations that are beyond our control but how many people are making the effort or the investment to protect their own privacy? To some it seems time consuming but it only takes a moment to shred papers or cards containing personal information.

However, when it comes to your laptop or cell phone - protecting your personal information and data may not be as simple and will take some research.

Laptops and Cell Phones are not Private

Laptops and cell phones provide information to people that is probably not even looking for it.

If you are checking your email at Starbucks or Panera Bread people sitting or standing near you can see what you see. If you are working on a business proposal on the airplane the people in the next seat has a bird’s eye view. If you are tidying up that spreadsheet while riding the train to work you may be putting your employment at risk.

What is a Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are thin sheets of special plastic material that attaches to your computer monitor, laptop or cell phone screen. They act as micro mini-blinds that virtually close to people sitting or standing to either side of your device. Your straight ahead view is not affected.

There are many different versions available. They are purchased according to the screen size of your device. Most involve a no-glue no-residue removable film that protects it from dust until it is installed. The film is peeled away from the privacy screen as it attaches itself to the device’s screen.

Dust is an enemy of this type of privacy screen. Every speck of dust will leave a bubble behind the privacy screen unless removed with a soft cloth or a piece of scotch tape. It is also important not to bend or crease a privacy screen.

Why is the 3M Privacy Screen best in my Opinion

The time and effort that it takes to install the “sticky” privacy filters puts me off although they probably work just as well as the 3M Privacy Filters.

I like that the 3M privacy filters are designed to fit specific screen sizes. It is important to measure diagonally (corner to corner) and to consider whether it is a widescreen.

I like that the 3M Privacy Filters are reversible. The matte side helps reduce glare (anti-glare) while the shiny side help to retain clarity and color saturation.  


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