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3D HDTV Review

Updated on August 14, 2010

If you want to enjoy watching 3D movies or play 3D games at your home you should consider buying a new 3D HDTV for your house.

The 3D HDTV displays an image viewed from a different angle to your eyes and your brain perceives the image as if you are viewing a 3 dimensional object. You would require a 3D HDTV that is capable of processing the images at double rate and a 3D glasses that would syncronize with your 3D HDTV and display each image at correct sequence to the correct eye and finally you would require a 3D player that will be the source of 3D content.

The 3D technology is still a new concept but with the support from manufacturers there is more and more 3D broadcast, movies and games being developed. The 3D HDTVs can become the market standard within couple of years.


I am very suspicious about a new technology since it usually comes up with a overprice and lacking the necessary improvments for the technology that will follow after the technology is more mature. For the 3D HDTVs the story is kind of different.

The technology is still overpriced, there is nothing to do about it, but while you are buying a 3D HDTV you can make sure that you are buying the most advanced technology in the market since the 3D HDTVs are also very good LED Backlight LCD TVs. So I can assure you that 70% of the money you are paying is worth it.

The additional cost of 3D HDTV is because of the higher refresh rate required. The 3D HDTVs process a different image for both eyes and that means the double refresh rate of an ordinary television. Most of the 3D HDTVs comes up with 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rate.

3D Glasses

There are couple of 3D glasses you can choose from and they are performing the same task, so you have to decide if you need a rechargable model or battery model. Battery operated models are heavier and less comfortable, considering you have paid a lot of money for the 3D HDTV you can spend a couple of bucks on top of that and afford a rechargable 3D glass.

3D Player

You would need a 3D Blu-Ray player for displaying 3D movies. Some of the televisions also have the 2D to 3D conversion but the 3D quality isn't comparable to the 3D Blu-Rays. You can use a dedicated 3D Blu-Ray player at a reasonable cost or you can buy a Sony Playstation 3 which you can play 3D games in addition to movies. (The Playstation 3D Blu-Ray Firm Ware isn't released yet but Sony confirmed it to be released Fall 2010)


If you consider buying a new television and you can afford the 3D HDTV you should go for it and avoid the necessity of buying a new television in following years. The worst case: you still have a great LCD HDTV. 

If you already have a LCD TV and a new television isn't an urgent necessity then I would suggest you to wait until the prices get to a better level and there is more 3D movies and games on the market.


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      Chris - Gadgets&Gizmos 7 years ago

      Nice info. Thanks you for sharing!