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3D Products: New Products of the Future Today

Updated on September 23, 2013

Obsession with 3D?

Have you ever wanted to have any type of 3D technology? With 3D movies, 3D games, 3D printers, and now a 3Doodler. You would think we are a little obsessed with 3D technology. This new product that is getting backing, off of Kickstarter is pretty awesome. But, do you know what I want is 3D holograms like in Star Wars. Or better yet flying cars, no wait I want Jet packs to be already here and easily accessible. Something even more awesome and more out there would be to have teleporters.

Learn more about the 3Doodler and more below. But, I never was a big fan of 3d movies when it all started but now I find myself liking the improvements they made and now that you can play games with out glasses in 3d thats some great progress forward that I'm enjoying to see. Give me your opinions on all things 3D in the comment section below.

The 3Doodler

This product allows you to draw 3D art and anything you can think of. The way this works is that the pen keeps the plastic in a liquid state and when it comes out of the pen it dries. Thus, Allowing you to create the below models. Once this goes into distribution it will be much more affordable than a 3d printer, so I do see this more likely to be a more common thing to see around the home. Want to support the 3Doodler theres a link at the bottom of the page.


Yes They will come in different colors.

3Doodler or 3Don't want it?

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A Older Yet Useful Invention - Astronaut Pens

3d Printer and 3Doodler on YouTube

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