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4 Pics 1 Song Answers Unite Music Fans

Updated on August 10, 2013

Test Your Music Skills

There's only one true universal language on Earth and its called music. Throughout the centuries music has been known to unite cultures, prevent wars, stop disagreements and heal entire nations. Music is the most powerful thing that man has created. Stronger than bombs, guns or drones, music touches everyone's soul, in some form or fashion.

Riding the wave of the Picture Puzzler revolution, 4 Pics 1 Song Answers is a new website that helps players navigate through each level of difficulty in the game, 4 Pics 1 Song. Each level consists of 16 separate questions. Correctly answering those questions will then result in advancement to the next level.

This Game Matters - If You Let It

The appeal of this game is understandable because it offers up trivia questions in multiple genres of music that will leave any true music fan wanting more. Some of the questions are simple and obvious, while others are a bit abstract and tricky to solve.

While the game itself is loads of fun, 4 Pics 1 Song Cheats is equally enjoyable. This site gives you answers for every level in the game, but also serves as a nice landing point for music fans to ask questions and engage each other in meaningful dialogue. If you enjoy the game, but find yourself not being as knowledgable as you originally thought, this site will serve you well.

The Struggle Means You Are Learning

Once your lifelines are exhausted and you are completely stopped at a roadblock with no way to answer the question, this website is your perfect resource. While the website is very informative, the game itself is challenging. I consider myself to be fairly knowledgable about music and I've found that the best parts of this game are when I'm stumped on a question and I finally have that "Eureka!" moment, where the answer unfolds.

In my opinion, the quest to complete each level gets overshadowed by the struggle towards finding that one answer that stumps you. If you don't have the time or patience to figure out the questions on your own, 4 Pics 1 Song Answers is the perfect solution to your dilemna.

Lonnie Plays 4 Pics 1 Song

Android Devices

4 Pics 1 Song
4 Pics 1 Song

4 Pics 1 Song is a FREE app and available through the Google Play store or on Amazon


It's About The Song

There are numerous ways to dissect music. Some people are quite knowledgable about bands or artists. Other people pride themselves on knowing a lot about a particular style or genre of music. Also, there are folks who are into liner notes and know songs or bands, based on who produced them or what guest musicians played with them in the studio.

For me, I enjoyed learning about artists, based on what record label signed them. Growing up, I found smaller, more independent labels to support. In my youth, I did not have tons of money and supported the bands I believed in, which got me looking at the bigger picture, which were the record labels that were promoting them.

For even the most casual of music fans, the easiest way to remember music (or dissect it), is based on songs. Songs shape our memories and provide the soundtrack to our lives. You can be driving your car down the road and a particular song will come on the radio and instantly, it triggers thoughts and feelings that you had when you first heard that tune.


Give It A Try

I would have to say that the most influential thing that happened to me in my formative years was the introduction of music. Learning to play an instrument enhanced my overall appreciation and has helped shape who I am today. Whehter we know it or not, all of us have a musical soundtrack. We all have a handful of tunes that encapsulate some of our most endearing qualities.

4 Pics 1 Song taps into our brains and helps us rekindle those emotions that we originally felt when the song was playing in the background. By playing the game and figuring out the answers to each question, I'm remembering where I was, who I was with or a specific event that happened. My brain has attached these thoughts to that song, for better or worse. Not every question, presented in this game, will spark an old feeling, but a handful will. For a FREE mobile app, that's not a bad bargain.


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    • boutiqueshops profile image


      5 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

      This is fun! Thanks for introducing me to it!


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