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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Business With Google Plus

Updated on April 9, 2013

Google Plus is one of the most upcoming and expanding social media platform and is fastly catching up with Facebook, which is its' near competitor. We all know that Google Plus is very much powerful with a wide range of unique and interesting features and facilities. If you are running and business and wish to market it online, then you should not stay away from this amazing social media tool from Google.

Creating a Google Plus profile is quite easy and you can login with any of your existing Google account. Once you login, you can add friends, circles etc. which will help you manage your connections in a much better way. If you have a well maintained and fine-tuned Google Plus profile, you will find it much easier to promote your business online. Majority of the business, who wish to have an online presence are already active on Google Plus and are reaping the benefits.

Here are 5 simple ways by which you can improve your online presence with Google Plus. Hope these points prove valuable to your online marketing activities.

1) Create a Google Plus page
Pages are one of the most useful features of Google Plus and are somewhat similar to the Pages offered by Facebook. Google Plus Pages are considered as the best online marketing tool for any business. Google Plus Page helps you to stay connected with your customers / followers, and at the same time you can also send out updates regarding your business and services. Overall if the Google Plus Page is maintained in the best way, it will certainly help in the branding of your business.

2) Place Google +1 Button on Your Website
Placing a Google +1 button on your website will indeed help in spreading your content virally and thereby receiving a good amount of traffic. Whenever a visitor arrives at your website and sees the Google Plus button, they will generally click on the button, if your content is worth sharing through Google Plus. Hence your content will get more coverage and also get more relevant visitors. Moreover, an increase in the social signals will certainly improve your overall rankings in the search engines.

3) Placing Google+ Badge on Your Websites
Google Plus Badge is another facility offered by this social media site, and you can generate the code and place the badge on your website. When someone clicks on the badge, they can directly go to your Google Plus profile from there itself. This is also very much beneficial, as you will always get more genuine and relevant followers, if they are interested in your business. So if you are serious about your Google Plus profile, then placing the Google Plus badge on your website is a much better idea.

4) Append Your Google+ Page Link as Email Signatures
A business person will always be sending a large number of emails on a daily basis to different people. So why not put your Google Plus Page link on your email signature? This will really be helpful in driving visitors to your Google Plus Page, as all of your recipients will be able to view your Google Plus link in the signature. This will also increase the chances of getting more followers for your Page and that too relevant and potential follower.

So if you are a business owner and willing to explore the importance of social media marketing, then Google Plus will be the best thing to begin with. So if you have not started marketing your business online, then it is high time that you start doing it!!


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