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4 Tips to Create Better Videos with Screen Capture

Updated on September 5, 2016

Using screen capture software to create videos is generally easy and within a couple of minutes you could create your very own video guide, tutorial or presentation to publish online. That being said as much as it is ‘easy’ to create a video in this way, often the results really do leave quite a bit to be desired.

If you’re interesting in upping the ante and creating better videos using screen capture, here are 4 tips that you may want to try out:

1. Write a script first

All too often people try to jump right in and record a video right off the bat, and the result is often unstructured and all over the place. If you just spend all of five minutes scripting out the video that you intend to create, you can tweak it, adjust it, and make sure that its structure is good before you actually record it.

2. Check the settings and capture in high quality

The quality of the recording is going to matter quite a bit, and even if you intend to reduce the resolution later – your initial recording should be in as high a resolution as possible (up to 1080p Full HD if that is achievable). Later on you can always reduce it, but having a high-quality original will give you options.


3. Remove clutter from your video

Sometimes small things like hiding the start menu at the bottom, removing any personal bookmarks and closing additional tabs can all help reduce clutter on the screen and make your video look a lot better.

4. Make keyboard and mouse actions more visible

In some screen capture videos it is impossible to keep track of the mouse cursor and keep track of the off-screen keyboard shortcuts that are being pressed. With the right software you could highlight your mouse cursor and show the keys that are being pressed on screen – both of which will be a big help.

Assuming you follow these tips you should be off to a great start and the only thing you need is the right software to pull it all off. For that you should look to Movavi Screen Capture as it is a powerful yet easy to use display recorder.

When you use Movavi Screen Capture you’ll be able to record the raw footage you need in high quality, and will have access to features to also capture keyboard and mouse actions. It’s simple and intuitive user interface will put everything you need just a few clicks away, and navigating it shouldn’t be a problem even the first time that you use it.

Once you try out Movavi Screen Capture you’ll be able to see just how much control it gives you over the videos that you record, and how effective it is at ensuring they look good. That, coupled with these tips, should put you on the right course to create better and more appealing videos using screen capture.


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