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5 Apps To Get Before You Go On Vacation!

Updated on November 15, 2013

Vacation App #1: TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

Price: Free!

Millions of restaurants, hotels, attractions, and reviews are stored within this free app, letting you access them from anywhere without having to worry about costly data roaming charges! Plus, it's super fast and easy to use. This app also lets you create and share your own travel journal of your trip by checking in and taking pictures at each location you want to remember. Other features include self-guided tours with fun and interesting city itineraries handpicked by experts, a "Point Me There" screen which uses your phone's GPS, and City Facts articles providing lots of helpful information.

Vacation App #2: Google Translate

Price: Free!

If you are vacationing somewhere where the locals speak a different language, this app is a must! For over 70 languages, you can easily translate text, and for many of the most popular languages you can directly translate speech and handwriting as well! You can also look up dictionary results for specific words and store favorite translations for offline access.

Vacation App #3: TripIt

Price: Free!

This free app lets you organize all your vacation plans in one place and helps you create detailed daily itineraries. You can just forward confirmation emails (for hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc.) to to have plans automatically added to your schedule. Of course, you can also add any plans manually if you wish. This app also features directions, maps, and weather.

Vacation App #4: City Maps 2Go - Offline Map

Price: 1.99

With this app, you'll get a huge collection of interactive maps at your fingertips with no data roaming or Wi-Fi required! In addition to unlimited offline map downloads, this app comes with over 500,000 worldwide Wikipedia travel guide downloads. Never worry about carrying around a city map or guidebook again!

Vacation App #5: Skyscanner

This is the perfect app for a spontaneous vacationer on a budget! You can search millions of flights from thousands of airlines around the world on the go. This app features an "everywhere search" where you can just enter your home airport and certain dates and see where in the world it might be inexpensive to fly during that time. For the flexible traveler, this is hands down one of the best flight search apps out there!


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    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I have not been on vacation for a while but these apps do sound useful! It's nice that the TripAdvisor one is free too.