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5 Apps That You Should Uninstall Immediately from Your Windows Phone

Updated on March 11, 2017

This is the list of apps that you possibly have on your Windows Phone that should consider uninstalling right away. These apps are unnecessary, battery hungry and taking up your precious phone storage. You really don't need them but chances are that you might have them.


1. UC Browser HD (Ucweb.Inc.)

It's on the top of most popular apps in Store, this is in spite of the fact that it was made during windows 8 era (its own description says that) and haven't been getting good updates since then. If it has anything unique it is a good range of themes to choose from, besides that everything is outdated. Instead of choosing UC, go with the Microsoft's very own inbuilt browser: the Edge. It has a beautiful UI, fast speed, a reading list and a reading mode to have a distraction free reading experience. It also syncs your favourites and reading list your Windows PC.

2. Flashlight (

It is useless because Microsoft gives you a flashlight option in quick actions; it can be easily accessed right from the lock screen. Other than turning on the flashlight, this app is also a compass, which again is needless because the compass is there in Maps itself. Apart from all this, the app provides an option to send SOS signals using the flashlight, and we spend a good amount of time thinking real hard of a real life scenario where one could possibly need it.

3. App Locker-Pro (Study circle)

It's a good concept which mimics the pattern lock of Android. But the problem is that it doesn't work because of limitations of Windows OS. The app in its own description states that it does not provide a full lock and apps can be opened from the menu. It's more of a 'prank your friend who does not know windows phone app'. There is not use of keeping such application. instead, use Microsoft's own inbuilt security settings, PIN or Windows Hello, to quickly unlock your device and keep it out of wrong hands.

4. Storage Cleaner Pro (

Storage Cleaner Pro or any other cache cleaning app is a complete waste of your device's storage. One bizarre thing about this application is that it your memory and after that you get false warning for low storage. It also claims to delete duplicate photos, but again that is something a person can do manually and more effectively. However, the ultimate problem with this app is that you can clean cache and other temporary files yourself by going to 'storage' option under settings. Moreover, many tech experts advocate against using such cache cleaning apps, as they does not make any noticeable difference. Instead they can slow down your phone by constantly using battery and running in background. Cleaning cache occasionally to free up some space is fine but downloading an app that would remind you to do that every now and then simply doesn't make sense.

5. Battery Saver Pro+ (App Tiles)

Applications like these, which claims to save battery, are impractical. Windows's software restrictions do give apps control over its OS; these apps are mere placebos that are disguised to look useful. Many times these apps may even turn out to be counterproductive because of constantly running in the background. Instead of using such apps, you can turn on Windows's inbuilt 'battery saver mode'. It is highly effective and especially useful while you are on move. During our test, it worked pretty well and our battery lasted for more than 48 hours. If you want even more control, you can restrict specific apps from running in the background.

So, which one's the worst?

What do you think, which one is the most pointless application?

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    • Dev Axe profile image

      Dev Axe 6 months ago from India

      Sometimes I just wonder why are these apps even so popular and have so many downloads; because they don't do anything particular in actual. What do you think, what are other apps on Windows Store which are of no use?