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5 Awesome Mobile Phone News Blogs

Updated on February 1, 2011

One of the types of jobs that I do most often is blogging. I blog across a diverse range of different topics. One of the topics that I’ve covered in a lot of depth for many years is technology. A specific area of technology that I’ve covered a lot is mobile phone news, reviews and information. As a result, I’ve often followed the blog feeds of various other mobile phone news blogs to get ideas about what to write in my own blog posts on the topic. And because I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve narrowed down the list of places that I bother reading about mobile phone news.

If mobile phone news is a topic that interests you but you don’t want to spend all of your time scouring the web for good blogs about the topic then look no further. I’ve got five awesome mobile phone news blogs that I’d recommend you get started with.

1. Dial-a-Phone. Now for full disclosure I have to tell you that is a mobile phone news site that I’m a blogger for although I don’t get any special perks or benefits for recommending it to others. The reason that I’d recommend it, though, is because it is really comprehensive. I’ve been blogging about mobile phone news on this site for three years and the site has only grown in terms of the different type of news that it offers. There are now five or six different bloggers working for the site. We each contribute different types of mobile phone news. We each have different opinions on mobile phone topics that aren’t necessarily in line with each other. This results in a multi-voice blog that gives you a variety of different types of information related to mobile phones in the world today. The site mostly has mobile phone news but we do also do features, how to articles, etc. This is a UK-based site so although some of the writers are in the U.S. and some of the mobile phone news we share is U.S.-related, a lot of the information you will find here is either global or Europe-centric.

2. is a technology site that has a wealth of different information. There are blogs affiliated with the site. There are magazines recommended by the site. There are reviews of various tech toys throughout the site. But the part that interests me is the news section. The general news section actually covers news about a lot of different areas of technology and I tend to pay attention to several different parts of it. For the purpose of this post, the area to look at is the section titled phones @ TechRadar. That’s the section that has tons of information about mobile phone technology. Note that this is actually another UK-focused tech site but you will still get lots of relevant news regardless of whether you live in the UK or the U.S. What I love about this blog is that they have really well thought-out opinions of the information that they share on this site. They also tend to have a great readable voice to the news articles.

3. PhoneScoop News. This site has brief summaries of mobile phone news from various other sites around the web. If the stories interest you then you can click through on the link to the original source that is always located at the bottom of the news article. I like this because it allows me to source mobile phone news and information from different sites that I wouldn’t necessarily want to follow all of the time. It’s a great way to get the gist of what is going on in the mobile phone industry. In contrast to the first two sites that I mentioned, this one is U.S. centered. The difference is apparent most when there is news about mobile phone carriers. Whereas the first two cites would have stories about Orange and T-Mobile UK, this site would have stories about Verizon and AT&T.

4. Mobile Burn. This site is quite similar in format to the PhoneScoop News site. Each mobile phone news post has a headline and then a short one-paragraph summary of the news story. If the story interests you and you want to know the details about it then you can follow up by going to the source of the news story, which is listed as a link at the bottom of the article. The main difference that I’ve seen between PhoneScoop News and Mobile Burn is that PhoneScoop News usually sources its stories from other tech news and tech blog sites whereas Mobile Burn tends to get its information from company press releases. There are pros and cons to obtaining mobile phone news and information from each place. When I use both of these sites to get general information about mobile phone industry news I feel like I have a pretty solid sense of what’s happening in the industry at the current time.

5. Mobile Choice. This is another site that is very similar to PhoneSCoop News and Mobile Burn. The difference is that this is a UK-based site whereas the other two are U.S.-based sites. That means that the news that you get from this site tends to be a little bit different than the news on the other two sites. Either way you get the main global news stories but here you’ll also get more information about UK-based carriers and phones.

What is your favorite mobile phone news website?


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