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5 Benefits of Viral Traffic Systems

Updated on April 2, 2013
A lack of traffic to your website or blog can be frustrating.
A lack of traffic to your website or blog can be frustrating. | Source

Benefit #1 - No Cost Advertising

The first and most obvious benefit of viral traffic systems are that most are completely free. Many new internet marketers desire free traffic because they haven't earned enough yet from their efforts to actually set a budget for paid advertising. However, upgrading to a paid membership can generate fast results by allowing more banners, depending on the viral traffic system.

Benefit #2 - Multiplies Traffic Views

Viral traffic systems are designed to be viral, meaning traffic views multiply automatically the more referrals you and your referrals accumulate. The viral part works because upon joining a viral traffic system, members are required to view all the banners or links (usually five or six) from other members on the site. Thus, when you become a member and promote your own affiliate link, anyone who signs up through that link is required to view your banner or link and the banners and links of five other members of the viral traffic system. Whenever your referrals promote the viral affiliate site, your banner or link will automatically be shown six levels deep.

Benefit #3 - Commissions

Another great benefit of viral traffic systems is most of them pay commissions to both free and paid members. Commissions can range around 25% to 50% and higher for paid members, depending on the viral traffic system. In addition, all members can earn residual commissions from referrals who pay monthly upgrade fees. The fact that these viral traffic systems pay commissions is the primary reason many members join; viral traffic plus commissions equal a true win-win situation.

Benefit #4 - Downline Builders

Some viral traffic systems actually have built-in downline builders available to all members. Therefore, you can build your downlines in other popular traffic exchanges, list builders, and other traffic systems while you generate traffic and earn commissions at viral traffic systems. Many members join viral traffic systems and forget about the available downline builders, leaving extra traffic and commissions still on the table. Don't forget about completing the downline builders.

Benefit #5 - Email Downline

Many viral traffic systems allow you to email your referrals directly and safely. Essentially, the ability to email your downline can work as a free list builder, another wonderful way to connect with your referrals, increase traffic to your sites, and generate more sales. Paid members of viral traffic systems are typically allowed to email their downlines more frequently than free members. Don't forget about this feature if it is available to you.


Viral traffic systems can prove extremely effective at generating free traffic to those who use these systems to their fullest. Take advantage of all the features viral traffic systems have to offer and you will notice a dramatic increase in your overall website/blog traffic. Furthermore, these systems are so powerful the additional traffic can even help your website or blog rank higher in search engines.

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