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5 Best Christian Apps For iPhone

Updated on July 15, 2011

When you think of the iPhone this first though that comes to you're mind is rarley religion, the bible, for Christianity; and that's okay, because the iPhone, as well as other Apple devides, aren't tailored to a be religiously inclined cell phone (if a phone can even be such a thing).

Luckily, at least for some, Apple has created the incredible app store where, like all things, you fulfill your religious needs.

Want to something where can prove your devotion to God everyday without having to drive to Church? Yep - there's an app for that.

Want to learn all the important verses of the Bible? You guess it: one of the best Christian iPhone apps let's you do that.

You see my point. Christian iPhone apps are surprisingly, well, versatlie. Many of the top Christian apps for iPhone are good, high quality apps; out of all religious apps for the iPhone 4 and iPad, the Christian apps, featuring many Bible applications for iPhone, are the best.

5 Best iPhone Christian Apps:



Remember earlier when I mentioned an app that allowed you to show your Christian, your religious, devotion, well, every day. The iChristian iPhone app, one of the best religious iPhone apps around, lets you do just that.

The app essential allows you to become a Christian; it gives you all the religious and Bible information, wherein you can then register to become a Christian.

This top Christian app will even allow you request a certificate to become a Christian.


The House FM

As far as all Christian music applications go - and all of the top Christian apps for iPhone - well, this is one of the best.

You get access to every kind of contemporary Christian music radio with all of the top religious artists intantly at your fingertips.

You can even switch to religious sermons and other Bible readings if you really want.


The Daily Scroll

For reading up on Christian stories, important Bible passages, and other religious information, the Daily scroll is your go to source. You'll get links to all of the top Chrisitan headlines of the day, as well as many top Chrisitian blogs.

The way you're given Christian information makes this one of the best Christian apps for iPhone.


TouchWord Bible

One of the most downloaded and one of the best Christian apps is, of course, the Bible.

Touchword Bible is like having a Bible in your iPhone - or Ipad. With its clear and concise layout you can easily scroll through a version of the Bible; you can also take notes and with a high quality search modes find what you're looking for.


Christian Music Game

There are not many Christian iPhone games in the app store so when a Christian music application (game) comes along, well, it's important to take notice.

NRT Match, the Christian Music game, is one of the top religious applications because of just that -it's a game.

  • Race against the clock to match album covers with songs.
  • Music discovery moder: learn about the artists as you complete the game.


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    • Nick Smith2 profile image

      Nick Smith2 4 years ago

      Hey, don't forget about the Bible Shaker! This is one christian app that you really need to check out. It lets you get scripture based on topics like Anger, Baptism, Depression, etc. Really cool app that is good for quick scripture!

    • profile image

      Rob Rienow 5 years ago

      Love this list of Christian apps! I thought your readers would be interested in a new app our family made - the Bible HIStory Game. It is a fun way for kids and families to learn how the events of the Bible and ancient history flow together. We hope you like it! Rob Rienow