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5 Best iPad Apps For Watching TV

Updated on June 28, 2011

The iPad is good for many things, business, games, surfing the net - but it's espeically good for watching video.  The large HD-like screen offers you a chance to take videos mobile, whether it be YouTube, movies.

Not until recently has iPad video seen it's full potential.  What do I mean?  iPad video apps, and more specifically iPad TV apps have recently taken a front seat in the app world.  Many iPad apps for watching TV are free meaning, well, you get to watch free TV shows and movies on your iPad. 

But what's the iPad video app; what are the top app for watching video on the iPad?


5 Best iPad Apps For Watching TV:



Price: Free

Best For: College Graduates

PBS stands for public broadcasting service, which means you get a lot of free, unique television on your iPad. The iPad PBS app allows you to choose from dozens and dozens of popular PBS shows, such as "Frontline", "NOVA" and "PBS Newshour".

You also get unique online only and iPad only digital shorts. Very cool.

All in all this free PBS app is one of the best iPad apps for watching free TV.


Price: Free

Another free iPad video app, and another great way to watch TV on your iPad. This app should actually be called the CBS app, for, it only has CBS broad casted shows, including shows from the CW.

The one downfall with the app is that your not given all of the full shows. If you're a fan of Gossip Girl, for example, you'll have to settle with behind the scenes and previews.

Overall though the HD quality makes it one of the best video iPad applications.


Hulu Plus

Price: Free

Best For: Anybody who loves TV.

Hulu, only availbe in the states, is one of the, hands down, best apps for watching TV on the iPad ever. Why?

For the paid subscripion of 7.99 a month you get to watch every episode of every season of almost every single show. Reruns of Lost, and Saturday Night Live are at your fingertips.

It does exclude some CBS shows, however.



Price: Free

Best For: Movie lovers.

If you haven't heard of Netflix yet then you've probably been living under a rock. Netflix is the best movie app for the iPad, no question about it. For a price of 7.99 you get access to thousands of movies on your iPad - as well as many TV shows.

This is the best quality video app for the iPad, streaming you on both Wi-Fi and 3G at good quality.


ABC Player

Price: Free

Best For: Students

The ABC iPad app is the same as the other network apps, like and PBS, giving you access to a variety of ABC shows and soap operas. Shows like Modern Family, and Dancing with Stars are available in full; other, more recent shows, are available in 3 to 4 episodes at a time.



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    • harmony155 profile image

      harmony155 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Do you know of an App to play Fox shows?

    • convertslides profile image

      convertslides 6 years ago

      I badly wants to know more apps for my iphone, thanks for sharing this one, it might help me.

    • RandomLife profile image

      RandomLife 7 years ago from Nashville TN

      Great hub!