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5 Cool Laptop Gadgets

Updated on March 12, 2008

The invention of portable computers has expanded the possibilities of our busy lives. We can now take both our work and fun with us everywhere we go. The further addition of Wi-Fi technology has made it possible to access the internet and email without a “physical” connection to the network. There are also many other gadgets out there that make our laptop usage easier and more productive. Here are 5 gadgets that will make your portable computing experience better:

Mini Mouse
Mini Mouse
Wireless Number Pad
Wireless Number Pad
Wireless Presenter
Wireless Presenter
Cooling Pad
Cooling Pad

Wireless Mini Mouse – Laptops don’t come with a mouse, as the producers of laptops have implemented touch-pads in their devices. With your finger, you can drag the cursor wherever you want, allowing you to use computer applications. For some people, this feature is kind of inconvenient. You can solve this problem by getting a wireless mini mouse. A mini mouse is a great and convenient USB device. You simply plug it in into our laptop, and then you can start using a mouse instead of the touchpad.

Wireless Number Pad – Laptop keyboards, because of their limited sizes, don’t feature num-pads like regular desktop keyboards do. For people who do a lot of work in accounting, using Excel, or simply input a lot of number calculations, a num pad is simply necessary. To solve this problem, you can purchase a wireless num pad add-on. Simply plug it in to your laptop, similar to the mini mouse, and enjoy the benefits of a num-pad.

Wireless Presenter – Also, commonly known as a “clicker”, this is an absolutely “must have” gadget if you use your laptop to show a PowerPoint presentation for either a business meeting or school presentation. It works sort of like a remote control, allowing you to change slides, like you can change television channels, with a click of a button. Now you can focus on presenting your presentation instead of worrying about clicking the mouse to change slides.

Cooling Pad – Sometimes our laptops can overheat. Believe it or not, it does happen. The cause of overheating may be due to a laptop being placed on the wrong kind of surface where there is not enough air supply to the cooling fan. A cooling pad will solve this problem. You simply place the laptop on this cool gadget and the overheating problem is solved.

CushTop – This is one of my favorite laptop gadgets. I often use my laptop while sitting on the couch or in bed. The CushTop provides a comfortable padding for your laptop. Simply put the CushTop on your lap, and then place the laptop on top. Besides comfort to us, the CushTop also provides a flat surface that can prevent accidental laptop overheating. Some of the CushTops come with additional pockets and storage capacities.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      China companies and pursahcers possess a distinctive technique and attitude towards the business enterprise. Trading with China, you may have to be a lot more courteous and gentle in your behavior so that you can impress them.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      In essence, they are the same thing balacisly because they are both portable computers but there are some distinct differences:In essence a notebook computer is designed to provide mobile computing that won't break your back yet still offer all the power the mobile users requires for work and some leisure pursuits. This portability normally comes at a price. The level of minituarization involved comes at a cost and high end notebooks can prove to be quite expensive.the notebook is the exact opposite of the laptop. Notebooks offer reasonable power and extreme portability. Laptops are designed to be capable of replacing an entire desktop PC if necessary whilst still offering desktop performance in a mobile platform. Hopefully this article has helped clear up the differences between both classes of portable computers. As time and technology moves on the line between laptop and notebook will continue to blur but for right now it's still clearly defined and driven by the demands of the portable computer market.

    • profile image

      maria jose 

      6 years ago

      Its a good post on the cool laptops gadgets.The Keyboard and pen derive, mouse are of limited size look so stylish and unique.I really like all the innovative ideas of cool laptop gadgets.

    • profile image

      Cherry or Apple? 

      8 years ago

      I like pie!?

    • profile image

      Mike S 

      8 years ago

      I really like the Comfort Base which is a desktop holder for my iPhone, but I am guessing it would work for any smartphone. I am always trying to position my phone and this base met my needs.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I like the wireless NumPad thing, but really don't know how good the wireless range will be, besides the new laptops with 17" screen are coming with NumPad built in. The one I am using HP Compaq 6830s has got one in it.

    • Reynolds_Writing profile image


      9 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Nicely written hub. I like the cush top concept- It looks more comfortable than what I do today...

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Make sure you get a JerkStopper for your laptop.....

      Call it insurance. . . .The AC power pin where your charging cable connects is very fragile and weak . If it gets damaged your laptop won't charge and the cost to repair it is huge! Some of the problems that you can have when this connector is damaged are noted on the right. The day-to-day tugging and pulling and jerking on the power cable causes these problems.

      The JerkStopper™ is designed to minimize damage to this critical laptop component.

    • Karen and Lesley profile image

      Karen and Lesley 

      10 years ago from United Kingdom

      I like the idea of the cooling pad and cushtop. Like you I use my computer either sat on the couch or on the bed. I'll definitely give one a try. Thanks for the hub.

      Lesley and Karen

    • Whitney05 profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      I like the calcuator attachment. It's a pain in the butt to use the line numbers. I got in the habit of the 9 digit keypad for a while.

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 

      10 years ago from Around the USA

      Which of these are you getting for your new laptop, Stacie? ;)


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