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Six (6) Cool Alternative Ways to Recycle and Use Newspaper

Updated on May 27, 2011
Newspaper pages
Newspaper pages | Source
Newspaper used to clean up
Newspaper used to clean up | Source

Looking for alternative ways to recycle and reuse newspaper. Well here are a few before you toss all the good paper and money in the recycling bin for someone else to collect of benefit from. I like to be able to reuse things or give them another opportunity to serve me and using newspaper in household chores always makes me feel as if i got more for my money than bad news or someone's unwanted opinion.

1. Yard work

Using Newspaper in the garden when planting flowers, shrubs and trees. The next time you go out to plant or mulch in the garden add some newspaper. Using a few sheets of newspaper in the garden helps to keep your soil moist, breaking down into mulch.

Caution, warning - Do not and i repeat Do not use any paper that contains colored ink,, there may be lead. These dyes are not good for the soil, the plant or the water table.

If you have fruit trees, you can roll up the newspaper and whack your tree if it is not producing like it should be, just take the roll of paper and give them a good spanking up and down the trunk. This is to loosen up the sap in the tree's vessels that cause them to produce fruit.

Old timers from what i have read believe the best time to to this is in early spring, better yet in spring by moonlight.

Getting rid of Earwigs, earwigs are bugs that attack young plants. Build a newspaper trap, tightly roll and tie up a damp piece of paper so it won't come apart, leave it at the bottom of the plant and leave overnight.

In the morning check your trap and burn. Do this until your trap has no earwigs to be found.

2. Household cleaning

Use newspaper to clean your windows and mirrors, it's cheaper than paper towels and leaves the glass cleaner with less lint to deal with later on when drying.

When you cutting up fruit lay down sheets of paper to collect juices and make clean up easier, when you finish all you have to do is fold everything up in the paper and throw the whole thing away.

To clean your grill - let the grill cool down a few minutes then add dampen newspaper on the grill rack, close the lid and leave it there for 20 t0 45 minutes. The wet paper steam cleans the grill and all you have to do is wipe it off, don't allow the paper to dry out.

3. Freshening things

Getting the trash compactor fresh - add a layer of newspaper to suck up the odor, as well as keeping the bottom protected.

Stuff a few sheets of paper in a wooden canister to get unpleasant odor.

4. Dealing with broken glass

When glass shatters on the ground it is more aggravating when you have to deal with all the small unnoticeable pieces but wet newspaper is amazing. After sweeping as much as you can dampen a few sheets of paper and press it on the floor where the glass, bits of glass would have clung to it where it fell, then throw away the paper.

Safely removing a broken light bulb, newspaper can help! First put on a heavy pair of gloves, wad up a piece of paper, press it into the glass and turn to loosen, wrap in paper and through away.

5. With clothing items:

Let's say you are traveling and you don't have access to an ironing board, make one out of newspaper. What you'll do is slide newspapers in the pillowcase, lay it on the floor and press the wrinkles away.

Give moths the brush by wrapping your woolen sweaters and blankets in newspaper before storing, tape the edges closed.

6. Wrapping paper

If you are looking for an unusual, quick and economical way to wrap gifts as well as giving the recipient a few chuckles wrap the gift with the funny pages or even foreign papers.

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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 6 years ago

      Thanks myi4u and yes it is interesting what and how we can recycle newspaper, anything really that is biodegradable and started as a natural resource.

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Interesting ... back in my home country, we just sell all our old newspaper. I read some websites where they use old newspaper to build all kinds of things; baskets, small boxes, magazine racks and the likes. I tried it before but I guess I didn't have the patience.