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5 Early Signs That Shows Your Computer Needs Repair

Updated on November 1, 2013

Sign #1: Your pc is running relatively slowly

One of the most common effects of low RAM (system memory) is slow performance - your personal computer is attempting to load an excessive amount of information into memory, and doesn't have enough room, so it needs to store a part of this info on the hard drive, which is much slower than accessing it in RAM directly. RAM is a pretty low cost system upgrade, so adding more is definitely a cheap way of trouble shooting this issue. Other challenges which may decrease system performance include malware or spyware infections, hardware malfunction, and hard drive fragmentation. You can find tools contained in Windows to defragment your hard drive. Virus protection (such as Norton Antivirus) prevents, and could usually get rid off virus infection. Spyware is generally a little tougher to get rid of and prevent, although there are a few fantastic tools (such as Spybot Search & Destroy) to help you with this particular rampant trouble. When everything else fails (and in the situation of hardware malfunction) seek the guidance from a specialist.

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Sign #2: Your computer or laptop will not "boot"

There are many problems that fall under this range. In some cases, your working personal computer would not even seem to turn on - check to make certain that it is connected, and also the electricity supply switch (or any power strip) on the back of the pc is not turn off. Many of us have forgotten to take out a floppy disk from the floppy drive, which can prevent computing devices from startup (sometimes a CD left in the CD-ROM drive, or perhaps a USB device, like a keychain hard drive should have a similar effect). If this recommendation do not fix your problem, then you should talk to an expert.

Sign #3: You are unable to access the Internet

Modem-users (dial-up) should examine to ensure that the dial-up access number is correct. High-speed consumers (cable modem, DSL) should follow the steps to make sure that their devices are working correctly. Everyone should always check to make certain that cables are attached to the required positions!

Computer Problems?

Sign #4: Laptop computer is making strange sounds

Have this looked at straight away! Don't let it progress! Sometimes, the problem is uncomplicated, such as a fan that must be substituted (this is also a cheap fix). At times, the problem is more complicated, for instance a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive that may be starting out go wrong. Very often, however, the main problem is more serious, and signifies a crashing hard drive - you know, the place where you save all of your documents (that individuals normally forget to make a copy!). Letting these problems go unresolved, even when these are generally cheap fixes at present, guarantees that they're going to develop into big problems down the road.

Sign #5: Uncontrollable pop-ups

You see a lot of advertisements popping, or maybe your personal pc behaves erratically - slowing down from time to time, randomly terminating windows or wiping out files. You probably are have contracted a computer virus or spyware (and it is debatable which is worse). See the computer repairs section of this website for links to services that can help alleviate these difficulties. When all else fails, call your warm and friendly computer professional.

© 2013 Reginald Chan


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