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5 Easy Ways to Find Android App Deals

Updated on May 14, 2012

Never Pay Full Price - Patience Will Save The Day

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and understands the concept of apps, and almost everyone LOVES the idea of getting a sweet deal.

There is a 50% chance that you have an Android phone, which will be the focus of our hub today. Sorry iOS, Blackberry, Bada, and WebOS guys. You will have to hang in there for later hubs.

In this hub, I'm going to help you take your love of apps to the next level.

We'll see how to find the best paid apps at the lowest prices with a few simple techniques that I use everyday.

  • Amazon AppStore Free Paid Apps
  • Amazon AppStore Deals Page
  • AppBrain's "Hot Today" and "Price Reduced" List
  • Android Market Special Search Terms
  • SlickDeal Alerts

#1 - Amazon AppStore Free Paid Apps

Everyday, you must do two things to make sure no stellar deal passes you by on the Amazon Appstore.

Visit Amazon Appstore's "Great Paid App For Free Everyday" promotion page EVERY day and collect whatever is offered there.

If it is not compatible with your current device, you can still "purchase" the free app through a desktop computer.

Someday you will own a better phone or tablet that can run it - why not "save" for the future!

Find a Deal Right Now @Amazon!

#2 - Amazon Appstore Deals Page

Visit the Amazon Appstore "Deals" page to check for mega discounts on popular apps.

This usually changes weekly, but there are occasional daily exceptions.

This is a great place to stalk inexpensive office apps or must have apps like Easy-Tether.

#3 - AppBrain's Hot Today Price Reduced Thread

Before the Android Market got their act together (which is really really together now), AppBrain essentially WAS the Android Market.

It was the only way to effectively search for apps, use filters to find what you really wanted, and to even search by what is trending or "hot".

One of the filters they have is called "Price Reduced".

I regularly visit (or subscribe and read the RSS feed for the list) of the "Hot Today" list with the "Price Reduced" filter on.

This list shows currently trending apps (aka, people are actually looking at them) that just became on sale.

Visit the "Hot Today" & "Price Reduced" thread now!

Office Apps @Amazon

#4 - Android Market "Special" Search Terms

The Android Market is HORRIBLE at filtering what is and is not on sale.

To make up for this, developers often will change their app icons during a sale to signify that "yes, we are having a sale".

Searching through an eternity of app icons though can be tedious and annoying.

The best way to find Android apps on sale at the Android Market is to use good ol' Google search strategies.

In the Android Market search box, type "limited time only" WITH the quotes. A lot of what will come up will be "on sale" [another good search term].

Put yourself in the mind of the person writing an app description and think "what would I write if I was putting my app on sale" and then use a key common phrase like "on sale" or "limited time only" or even "holiday sale" (during some parts of the year).

You will be pleasantly surprised what you will find - as many of these sales are not advertised anywhere else.

#5 - Use SlickDeals for Instant Email Alerts

I use SlickDeals all of the time for many of reasons other than Android apps. The ability to add custom alerts for isntant messages/emails is a godsend for anyone searching for a deal on a specific app.

Let's say, we are looking for a deal on EasyTether or QuickOffice. These well known apps are most likely to end up as a post on SlickDeals.

If we create a deal alert for them, then whenever someone posts a thread announcing a sale, we would get that email on our smartphones immediately and can act accordingly.

You will have to sign up for an account at SlickDeals to use this feature. If you do, you can hook up with me "furioussun", as I occasionally post about app deals.

If you do not want to do this, you can still use SlickDeals to search for the app you want to see if there have been any resent posts about it without being a member.

How Do You Find App Deals?

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    • danatheteacher profile image

      Dana Rock 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      YEAH!!! Its great - its even worth collecting the apps that do not fit your current device because you may have a different device sometime in the future, and all of those free apps could have been yours.

    • JayDeck profile image

      JayDeck 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Finally able to use Amazon! Thanks!