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6 Essential Apple Watch Accessories You can Buy Today.

Updated on January 29, 2017

Which is the one thing that you would want to enhance in your Apple watch? If my guess is right, you wish to turn Apple watch, whether series 1 or series 2, to a tool that makes it possible to listen to your favorite tunes while at the gym, monitor your calorie burnout as you exercise or receive calls without having to move over to where your phone is. Apple watch accessories help you pimp out your treasured list wear without breaking your bank.

While there are a raft of Apple watch accessories on offer today, here are five that will make your life much more enjoyable and productive.

6 Apple Accessories You Should Have Today

1. An Apple stand

An Apple watch stand is an essential tool for those who have metal-accented bands as it would help protect the watch from scratches or getting scuffed up. The fact that these stands come in different shapes and styles mean that they can be a beautiful display addition in your office.

2. A charging dock

A charging stand doesn't only keep your watch charged and ready to go, but it also adds a flair of style and design on your desk. Charging docks come in different designs, price ranges and material make.

2. A stylish strap

Changing a new watch strap is the simplest and quickest way to give your treasured Apple watch new and impressive look. The fact that Apple watch come in varying structural designs and color variation mean that you can easily turn your sporty Apple time piece to an attractive office wear.

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3. A watch keeper

This is an essential safety tool for keeping your Apple watch safe while charging at the same. A watch keeper is especially important for those who travel a lot and who may be needing several watches for the different occasions. You can also use your watch keepers to keep the charging unit tidy.

4. Leather cuff

A leather cuff adds a tinge of elegance and funkier edge to your Apple watch band. It also makes the watch to fit seamless on your wrist.

5. Power bank backup battery.

You wouldn't want your Apple watch to go off while you are traveling to destination you are required to be a specified time. A power bank comes in handy when your Apple watch battery gets drained and you don't have access to a changing point.

5. Power headphones

If you are a most a fanatic of Apple iTunes, then Bluetooth enabled headphones are a must have. The headphones enhance Apples weak inbuilt speakers and you can enjoy your favorite beat while on the run in your exercising sessions.

6. A leather watch casing

This is yet another important accessory you should have in your Apple watch arsenal. The case helps keep the watch protected especially when you are not wearing them.

Bonus Tip: How to Connect Your Wireless Headphones to Your Apple Watch.

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Wrapping it all up

Accessories make the already powerful Apple watches a great tool for music fanatics, game enthusiast and fitness ultraists. Other accessories keep the watches protected and ready to go any time.


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