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5 Favorite Tween Tech Gadgets

Updated on September 4, 2011


5 Favorite Tween Tech Gadgets including cell phones, digitial diaries, pen computers, hand held games and digitial makovers.

Tech gadgets for the younger set are becoming more available. Even baby and toddler toys have high tech features never seen before. Cell phones, laptops, music players, gaming systems are touted in the media - print, TV, radio and online.

All of these choices are great in a way except when you are trying to decide what to buy for a tween. They do not want to be treated like babies but they are not always ready for unfettered freedom either. Girls and boys just want to have fun and the tech gadgets talked about here should help.


Radica Digi Makeover - Take yourself back when you were a kid and feel how important your personal style was to you. How many times did you hear "don't worry, the hair will grow back" as you cringed in front of the mirror at the sight of a new hairstyle. Did you have trouble getting your dad's permission to pierce your ears?

Now while reminiscing, think about how great it would have been to have had a cool gadget like the Digi Makeover. Better late than never - be a kid again and share the fun with the kids. Just plug the Digi Makeover into the television, take your picture with the integrated digital camera and presto! There you are trying on jewelry, applying makeup, checking out the new clothing styles and changing your hair with up to 50 hairstyles. When you find the right look you can share it and save it.


Voice Protected Diary + Pen - A diary is a friend that keeps all secrets. I remember mine - it was green with a fake leather cover. It had a tiny gold tone key that fit the lock that kept every word private. I took great pride in using my best penmanship and I tried to make an entry every night before bed. Now there is a new techie version of that little diary.

The Voice Protected Diary is just that. A voice recognition feature works every bit as well as that little gold tone key - maybe better. If someone gets access to the password it does them no good. Only the owner's voice will unlock the hidden secrets inside the diary. This diary is self contained inside a tri-fold plastic cover. There is an included ball point pen with an integrated shredder for those notes that should never see the light of day. Speaking of light - there is an integrated book light as well. If anyone gets too curious there is an intruder alert.


LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer - Kids love computers and kids love to write with ink pens. The FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is the perfect combination to keep kids busy, entertained and helps then learn new tasks all at the same time.

Special paper called FLY paper is used with the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer. Kids write with this special "Pen" and every word or doodle can be transferred to a PC. Once transferred the data can be emailed or even embedded into a school report. The software can be told that a doodle or picture is not text and it will transfer it that way. Handwriting recognition is reported by many users to be quite accurate. The Pen retains 80 to 100 pages of "FLY" notes so it works well for writing essays and homework assignments.

The FLY Fusion Pentop Computer has integrated speakers and can play MP3s. That is not the only musical talent however - music can be composed as well.

Math is more fun too. If a math problem gives you a problem just write the equation on the FLY paper and the Pen will calculate it for you. Interactive flash cards made with the Pen can make up its own quizzes and will keep score as well. All work and no play is boring sometimes so games can be downloaded to the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer.

Fly Fusion Pentop Computer


Firefly - For the kid that wants a cell phone and mom and dad that say no - this cell phone may be one both can agree about. The Firefly is very simple to use (only 5 preset buttons) and parents can control who can be called, whether incoming calls are accepted and in an emergency one button alerts 911.

The Firefly is a pre-paid phone and is serviced by Cingular (AT&T) and T-Mobile. It initially comes with 30 minutes of prepaid time and then can be easily refilled with more minutes by phone or online. One caveat that needs to be spoken of is the prepaid minutes. Check the terms and be aware that they may time out if not used within a specified time.

For kids that are a little older and require more features there is the Firefly Mobile flyPhone. Unlike the Firefly this phone has a digital camera and allows text/multimedia messaging, video playback, gaming and features more like a typical cell phone. Parents are still able to set parental controls that will determine how the cell phone is used.

Tweens Just Want to Have Fun!

DS Lite - The Nintendo DS Lite has kept many a tween busy for hours and hours. The dual touch screens with 3D rendering, the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, the virtual surround sound speaker system and the backwards compatibility with the Game Boy makes this a favorite for both girls and boys. In fact, the DS Lite comes in white, black and pink.

This handheld game system is great for long car trips, airline flights and just sitting around the house. When connected to the Nintendo Wi-Fi up to 16 players can compete at ranges from 30 to 100 feet. One exciting thing about this is that only one Nintendo DS game card is required for the multiplayer get together.

Battery (lithium ion) life is good enough for extended game playing. Depending on the games played one can get 5 to 19 hours of playtime from a charge of just 4 hours. Available languages include English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.


Most of these tween favored tech gadgets are actually fun enough to be used by teens and up as well. The Fly Fusion Pentop Computer is often used to take class notes by college students. The Digi Makeover could help big sister or mom find that perfect new hair style. She could take the saved picture to the beauty shop and come out looking beautiful. The DS Lite provides a powerful game playing adventure for anyone with some time on their hands.


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