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5 Horrible Mistakes You are Making while Buying Online

Updated on August 25, 2014
5 Online Mistakes to Avoid
5 Online Mistakes to Avoid

Shopping online is convenient. One does not need to dress up and worry about the connivance to the nearest market or store. You can just sit at home and make your buy with just a mere click. Online stores provide you with more variety as they do not have any space issues to display with collection. Additionally, the online stores give you the best rates. They always have some offer or the other and most often they do no charge any delivery charges.

The dark side of buying online

Like every coin, every aspect has two sides. Apart from the benefits of online shopping, here are some repercussions. People often tend to make several mistakes while shopping online. You get almost everything online, be it a car or a bag or a piece of jewellery. However, even smart and well-educated people make certain mistakes while buying online.

Careless and greedy shopping

One thing which sweeps us off our feet is the word ‘sale’. We frequently get emails with the same word highlighted to fascinate us. As the well established trend goes, we indulge into incessant shopping. To absorb the sale to the last drop of it people make wasteful expenditures. People buy things they absolutely do not need and may not even use it in their entire life. We are also mistaken with the word ‘free shipping’. It may not always be free. You need to purchase up to a certain amount to get your stuff delivered free of cost. A lot of times when people do not reach the brim of the amount, they make careless and uneconomical buys to match up to the amount.

New is not always better

The shoppers often tend to experiment with the new shopping stores online without knowing about their authenticity. A lot of websites allure the audience by flashing out attractive discounts and offers. This many a time is a fraud. One should be very sure that the concerned online store has contact details like address and phone number mentioned. One should always call on their number to check their legitimacy and reliability.

Watch out for Spam

Time and again people come across uncalled for links in either vague emails or on any other website. These links often hold no significance and are just a medium to dig out personal information of the people. Once clicked on, these links follow up with a form for you to fill in your personal details like your mobile number, account number and the like. They are wholly and solely a window to get such details so that they could be misused in some way or the other.

Don’t shop in public

One of the greatest mistakes customers have committed is using the public Wi-Fi to shop online. The public Wi-Fi is not secured and it can be accessed by the general public too. Once you enter your personal details to make a purchase using the public Wi-Fi, the hackers or the people who intend to do something wrong with your details may gain access to all your details and use it as per their convenience. The can misuse your credit card and bank details. Also, if there is an option between cash on delivery and credit card payment, one should opt for cash on delivery as it restrains you from displaying your personal details publically.

Read the fine lines

Another commonly spotted mistake among the online shoppers is not keeping in mind the return policy of the website. Before making your purchase you should always go through the return policy. This is extremely important while buying clothes and shoes as you can never be sure of the size and comfort of the fabric or the shoe once it is in your hands. The quality policy is another important thing to take care especially when you are buying silver coins online or any other precious metal items.

These are the common mistakes often made by the shoppers online. One should be very careful about these details.


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