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Five Cool And Interesting Samsung Galaxy SIII Features Everybody Should Know About Making It A Great Android Smartphone

Updated on December 10, 2013
Samsung Galaxy SIII (marble white)
Samsung Galaxy SIII (marble white)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is Samsung's last generation flagship smartphone, but the fact that there is a Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn't mean that the older model is outdated - it's actually still a great smartphone that has a great deal to offer.

As far as specifications go, this smart phone has a top of the line processor, 2GB of RAM (more than my old laptop), and a wide range of features. But there are some cool software features that Samsung has hidden under its hood that should not go unnoticed, so here is an unsorted list of the best five, which are all perks that are actually not available on other more advanced or up-to-date flagships like the HTC One or the iPhone 5. If you don't feel like spending the extra dough on the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can take advantage of a lot of Samsung's unique software features that make our lives easier and/or more interesting and fun on a smartphone that is a bit cheaper, but is by no means outdated yet. Truth be told the SIII will stay relevant for at least a few more years.

1. Motion Controls

With the Galaxy SIII Samsung have added a whole bunch of new motion controls that are supposed to make our lives easier and our interaction with our smartphones more intuitive. Of the the most useful ones in my humble opinion is the ability to call somebody while text messaging by simply putting the phone next to your ear. Now this is a smart phone that can understand what I want without me having to tell it anything. Other motion controls include tilting to phone to zoom an image and panning the phone to move an icon from one screen to another. Perfection, as you might know, is in the attention to detail and in the case of smart phones, in all the tiny little ways that your most used piece of technology would make your life easier in.

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2. The Camera

Despite the fact that the camera hardware on the Galaxy SIII is nothing but standard, Sammy have added some useful and pleasant software features that make using it easier, faster and more fun. The first nice surprise is the best shot feature that automatically takes eight pictures and chooses the best one based on criteria like smiling, blinking, lighting and so on. Another option you get is the burst shot which can take up to 20 pictures at a time with the rate of 3 pictures per second.

Samsung Galaxy SIII's camera has abilities in the sharing department, too like the Buddy Photo Share shooting mode which has facial recognition capabilities. When it detects a face in an image, it lets you tag it with your contacts and later when you are shooting in this mode, it automatically recognizes who is on the picture letting you share the photo with him from his name tag. Another variation on that is Share Shot which allows you to share the photos you are currently making automatically with other Samsung devices that support this feature in the vicinity via WiFi Direct.

The last tricks the GSIII camera has up it's sleeve are in the video department. It has the ability to take stills while shooting 1080p video and could also run in HDR mode. Even if you don't find it to be impressive, you have to agree it's down right useful.

A TecTile sticker on the nightstand.
A TecTile sticker on the nightstand.

3. NFC + TecTiles + S-Beam

Well, this is the only feature on this list that you can't really use for free, but it is also something that Samsung (or any other smart phone manufacturer) should have done a long time ago. This is making NFC really fun and useful. Samsung are selling this little stamp-sized NFC stickers in packs of 5 called TecTiles that can be programmed to do various actions when tapped. You can do anything from putting one at your front door, so you would automatically connect to your home's WiFi, put one on your nightstand, so you turn the sound off just by tapping your phone over the tile before you go to bed, or putting one in your car to activate the GPS mode. This is a very interesting piece of technology that is finally bringing accessibility and usefulness to NFC.

Another useful and interesting implementation of NFC is the S-Beam feature which allows seamless file-sharing among Samsung Galaxy SIII users much like the Android Beam. The only problem with using it all the time would be that all your friends and colleagues should also be using an S-Beam enabled Samsung device. If that is the case S-Beam would turn out to be priceless. If not, apps like Bump will still do the job using other technologies.

4. Pop Up Player and Multi Window

We all live very busy lives and the ability to multitask is essential to our modern survival, so this is something that our smartphone should be able to do, too. And one of the most common situations that we like multitasking in is when we mix business and pleasure. How ofter have you been in the situation that you are watching a video on your smart phone, but you need to stop it in order to complete some boring mundane task? Well, you don't need to worry about this anymore since Samsung have incorporated a simple yet invaluable little feature in your Galaxy SIII - a pop up video player. It means that anytime you are watching a video, but you want to do something else simultaneously, you can resize the video to a smaller window and use the rest of the display real estate to complete the pressing task, without giving up on being entertained at the same time.

The great Multi Window feature in action on the Samsung Galaxy Note II
The great Multi Window feature in action on the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Additionally, the latest Android Jelly Bean update came with an even better version of Samsung's unique multitasking goodness - Multi Window. With this update, Samsung added the ability for true multitasking with two different apps running at the same time on a spit screen. Both of the apps are fully functional and there are no limitation to which apps can be used like this. The feature is accessible by holding down the back button. The pop up video player sure is nice, useful and interesting, but this is even more powerful and gives you even more freedom to use your smartphone in pleasant, intuitive and productive ways.

5. Cloud Storage And Sharing

When the HTC announced they would be offering 25GB of free cloud storage through DropBox for their almost latest flagship the HTC One X, we simply knew that Samsung would not let its Galaxy SIII fall behind. So they decided to double that and now the best Android phone from the previous generation is offering 50GB of free Dropbox storage capacity which is very good news. But the good things about Samsung Galaxy SIII's cloud storage and sharing go beyond mere numbers. One should also notice the brilliant capabilities offered by Samsung's AllShare Play service which allows users to share content like videos and pictures across any AllShare-connected devices like Galaxy tablets, BluRay players, DLNA-capable TVs, set-top boxes as well as Samsung’s Smart TVs and Windows PCs running the AllShare Play app.

Honorable Mention: GroupCast

Now this is another feature that depends on how many people around you have adopted this exact same device, but it still deserves to be mentioned. The GroupCast feature syncs Galaxy SIII devices and allows people to share all kinds of presentation - PDF, PowerPoint or image galleries. This is a clear step into corporate and it is actually a welcome one. This software feature even allows users to make temporary marks on the presentation that disappear after a certain amount of time. This is not mind-blowing, but it is certainly interesting and could prove to be very useful in some settings.

The Real Best Feature: The Raw Horsepower

We can look at many nice and well-thought-out features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but there is one thing that might be the most important detail for many people wandering what to buy. It's something simple, yet penetrating all aspects of a device and it is its pure computing power. Yes, there are already smartphones that are even more powerful, but the Samsung Galaxy SIII is still holding up and might be a great choice for the ones that don't feel like forking out the premium cash for the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone has a very capable mobile CPU paired with 2GB of RAM and anything that you might throw at it would be handled with no problem. This used to be the most productive Android smart phone available on the market literary months ago and it certainly beats some popular devices like the iPhone 5 in pretty much every technical department. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is simply packed with software and hardware features that are bound to make it an extremely useful companion (like the rare barometer sensor).

Cool update:The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been updated to Android Jelly Bean which makes it perform even better and ads all kinds of new and useful features some of which are again exclusive to this device.

You can also look at the iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X comparison or the complete Smart Phone Buying Guide 2012.

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