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5 Key Features to Look Out for in Buying an Apple Watch Strap

Updated on February 7, 2017
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Which elements do you consider the most in an Apple watch strap? If you are like many people, choosing an Apple watch band can be a little confusing owing to all the design features in this brand of watch straps.

In this guide, let's explore the 5 most important factors that you should get right as you buy an Apple watch strap.

Factor Number 1: Material make

Apple watch straps are often made of quality material. Even then, it's important to ensure you buy a material that matches your preferences and fashion tastes. The main materials to choose from are stainless steel, silicon material and leather loop.

Factor number 2: Compatibility.

If you own both the series 1 and 2 Apple watches or the older versions of Apple, it's helps to ensure you go for an Apple watch strap that's compatible with both series. Compatibility means easy to fix the strap on the watch, color match and size compatibility.

Factor number 3: Band size.

Apple Watch bands range from a fitting 120mm and 220mm. It's important to know which size best needs your needs and watch specifications. It also important to note that some Apple watch bands come in sizes of two while bands come in a specified sized only.

If you are looking for a smaller size of Apple watch, Milanese loop and sport band are a solid choice while leather loop fit those looking for the larger sizes.

Factor Number 4: Case color

Apple watches commonly comes in two varying case colors to choose from. These are the popular stainless steel and space black stainless steel. Choosing the right color is a matter of personal preferences and style.

There are also thirteen varying bands ideal for older Apple watch versions and still fashionable.

Factor Number 5: Intended Use

Do you intend to be using you Apple watch in moist environs such as for fishing or hiking expeditions? If that's your aim, then it's important to buy a waterproof strap and which cannot be corroded by water.

A Summary of Features to

Intended Use
Case color
2 color variations.
Band size
38mm and 42 mm
Material make
Stainless steel, silicon material and leather loop

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Wrapping it all.

If well chosen, an Apple watch band can be a statement of fashion. That's why strive to ensure you only purchase a band that suits your needs. If you're preparing to buy your next Apple watch band, tips here in are a great guide for you.


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