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5 Must Have Apps For Your PC.

Updated on October 6, 2015

1. AVG Antivirus 2016 Free Edition

If you are a social geek and connected to internet, then you must have an Anti-Virus software for smooth running of your PC and to protect it from several virus and unwanted cyber attacks. An anti-virus helps you do so. Although there are many anti-virus programs, but if i'll suggest, you must go for AVG. Since it provides a free edition of 2016 and improves PC speed. Many AV software slows down the PC but it's my personal experience with AVG. Having a huge virus database it doesn't affect the PC working speed. After installing give it an update and run a "whole computer scan". It also comes with PC Tune up, which helps in removing cache files, temporary files, cleans disk space, boost your PC etc.

There is also a pro version of AVG, if you can afford then it is also good.It gives you even more security and options. If you are looking for a good, reliable, free-version Anti-Virus then AVG 2016 free edition is the right one for you.

2. Google Chrome

Chrome is a browser developed by google, it is a freeware. It is the most popular browser for windows and android platform. It's new version has chrome mode, which takes you away from your windows UI to the chrome UI, in this you will have all access to google products like gmail, youtube, google docs etc very easily. It runs very smoothly. There are loads of google add-ons and extensions to give the browser personal touch. The UI is also very simple.

3. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or just IDM is probably the fastest downloader I have came across till date. I recommend to purchase it's full and official registered version in order to enjoy it's full feature seamlessly. IDM has a very good downloading speed even in low network. It can grab media from the site and download it, supports pause-n-resume download,even if the link gets broken it can rebuild that link and continue the download!

Very useful app for heavy downloader whether videos, audios any multimedia, applications etc

4. AIMP3

Be updated with new music player, AIMP3. one of the best music app in town. Those who miss winamp can switch and try this music player. Absolutely free app with many skins, plugins available in its official website. I really like this app because it provides rich and amplified sound, the preset equalizers are really good, lots of cool skins. Download it free from it's official website. Enjoy.

5. Pot Player

A very good video player and a substitute over VLC, Pot Player comes with loaded video playable extensions. You can easily play your videos here. Nice and simple UI. It contains various audio, video options in settings.

It is a freeware software, and is easily downloadable for 32 or 64 its OS. Very easy controls with keyboard for playback.

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