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5 Must have Accessory for Smartphone Holders ( The Starter Pack for your new device)

Updated on January 28, 2016

The Starter Pack

In today's society almost every 16 year old wants the latest iPhone or android devices. Completely ignorant to the fact that these devices can run up to $600 in cost.So i developed a starter pack for those who have purchase a really expensive phone and want to know how to better use it and protect it.This starter pack will give you the basic things you need to make your device more efficient and protect it from ordinary disasters such as a drop or a slip. Investing in a $600 device is one thing but knowing how to protect it and use it is another.When i first had my first expensive smartphone i was unaware of the things that i will mention below.Today is your lucky day because i will be briefly educating you on what you should get to make your smartphone experience more enjoyable.These are the top 5 investment i would recommend for new and current smartphone holders.

1) Screen Protector

I was never a fan of using these but i soon learned of its importance and the major impact it has. When purchasing a screen protector for a cell phone, consumers should consider what type of protection best fits their needs.Some people use their phone primarily for conducting business and require an additional level of privacy as a result, others may simply need a screen protector to protect against scratches, dirt, and damages.There are many types of screen protectors out there with different specific functions. There are protectors that prevent dirt, antibacterial , fingerprints , and reduce glare. Investing in a screen protector is a smart investment on the long run, especially in the current tech age where 95% of all smartphones have become touch screen.Breaking,damaging or cracking your screen is not that uncommon.I have a screen protector on my smartphone and not only does it protect the screen from scratches and damage, it also acts as an water resistant barrier when im outside in the (light) rain.Watch EMPIRE short video on the different type of screen protectors you can purchase, and how to put it on.

2) Software Security/Lost and Found

This is a no brainier. As smartphone become more developed in the near future, having a dedicated virus/malware protection is essential. I think you should invest in mobile protection not only to protect your phone from getting attacked by a hacker but also because some of these antivirus apps come with cool features such as a phone tracker to track your phone if you have misplaced it. Tracking your device usually involves logging into a computer and using your account to locate it. i have personally use McAfee and Lookout mobile protection and have loved it! You wouldn't believe how many times where i was looking for my phone and i use the scream system in these app to find my phone lying under one of my furniture! Some of these apps go even above and beyond by allowing you to wipe your phone just with a couple of clicks. Having these apps is a great asset to your smartphone.All of this service was free and you can get even more cool features if you sign up for a premium which is usually fairly priced.

Smartphones are the modern day portable computers. You wouldn't want to leave your computer unprotected from the malware, viruses, and Trojans out there. So neither should we do this with our smartphones.Protect your privacy and secure your files. It will cost you nothing and can save you in case of emergencies.

3) Solid Case

And now back to one of the most important accessory. I seriously cant stress this enough, having a $600 device without this is like trying to balance a hot grenade on your head. It is going to explode no mater how careful you are.Everyday accidents happen because it is normal and we all go through it. I have dropped my cell phone flat on the ground many times but fortunately for me i didn't crack a screen but i did get some dents and scuffs.If i didn't have case on my phone, then it wouldn't be operating today.

Now there are some cons to having a case. One: you wont be able to show of your cool phone design and two; it may adds too much bulk and takes away the slim feature of your smartphone.All of these reasons are all reasonable and i understand where people are coming from.I have seen many poor designed cases that cripple of a smartphone's potential. I had one case where i couldn't charge my device because the opening to the charging port was too small for most of my USB wall chargers. It was the most annoying thing in the world to have to remove my case just to charge my phone. However, if you do end up breaking your phone or cracking your screen it can cost you a lot of money. You will end up spending the same amount of money or more repairing the phone than the actual phone cost itself. Investing in a phone case to me is like a lifetime of insurance for your device. Watch Android Authority short clips about the big debate on whether or not to invest in a case.

4) Extra power bank

It is wise to have a extra source of power nearby you at all times.You wouldn't want to be stranded and cant use your phone because your out of power. A power bank is a device that can be charged via wall outlet or USB , and once it charged you can use it to power your other electronics. Most power banks allow you to not only charge your smartphone but your tablet device as well.This was one of the smartest investment i have ever made and if your like me and love to travel then this item is essential.I felt like i gained a sense of freedom because i no longer had to be chained to a wall charger. I also no longer had to bug my friends for one of their chargers.I can now charge my devices anywhere and at any time. Power banks are the future and will soon replace traditional chargers, so invest in one now.Watch this short video below to learn more about power banks.

5) Solid Headset

Having an headphone makes you a more versatile player in the smartphone world. If your a music lover then this is a no brainier as well. Having a good piece of headset adds privacy and a little bit of extra freedom as you can answer,drop,play video/music/, and talk with just a simple click. I would recommend Apple ear pods with remote and microphone or something similar over a Bluetooth headset because it adds more versatility. You can use it anywhere and not just your smartphone.


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    • YoungWolf profile imageAUTHOR

      Flame Alchamist 

      2 years ago from NYC


      Good for you ! I wish more people understood the importance of a good screen protectors.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I agree with that screen protector is the most important accessory for smart phone. Main reasons are to

      1. Prevent harmful blue light.

      2. Prevent scratch.

      I am currently using "ocushield" screen protector which is providing both facilities.


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