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5 New Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Updated on March 5, 2019
Isaiah Leggett profile image

Isaiah Leggett of TechSpace is a technological enthusiast who loves to bring people to light on new developments of this generation

In the world we live in today, kids are riding on hoverboards and playing VR games, something nobody expected decades ago. It’s all happening quite fast but this just means the future has many ideas waiting to be brought to life. In this post, I will be informing the public on 10 upcoming inventions that will surely blow your mind,or at least I hope it will.



Now here is a recent invention that I have been so eager to see on the shelfs. The Instadreamer is a wristband used to induce lucid dreams. You wear this wristband throughout the day and ESPECIALLY when your sleeping. What it does is it sends a small vibration to your arm for various times throughout the day, and everytime you feel it, you do a reality check. If you don’t know what a reality check is, it is a process of checking for signs that you are awake. An example of this would be pinching you skin and seeing if you feel the pain. Another example would be reading a book to see if the words on the page make sense.

The reasons for these reality checks are for the purpose of knowing when you’re dreaming and when you’re awake, and discerning the difference. You might be thinking, “Would this even work?”, or “It’s all just a ruse.” Even if this is what your thinking, I can tell you from personal experience that lucid dreaming is a real thing. This device uses classical conditioning which essentially means the vibration(conditioned stimulus) will cause you to have lucid dreams(conditioned response) when repeated often. Since every human is capable of being classically conditioned, nobody is left out of this wondrous experience. I believe this invention was a brilliant idea and I cannot wait until a can place this on my wrist.


PowerWatch 2

A smartwatch that you don’t have to charge, say no more. A product like this is definitely the type of tech that will get consumers’ attention. I know plenty of you guys reading this have or now own an Apple Watch or another type of smartwatch and hate the moments where you realize you forgot to charge it overnight. Finally, here is a company that improves upon what the public wants most.

When looking at a product like this there’s always that one question, “How is that possible.” Well the CEO of Matrix, Akram Boukai, claims that this device absorbs power using body heat and solar energy. Without ever needing to charge it, you still get smartwatch functionalities such as GPS positioning, gesture recognition, heart rate monitoring, etc. This is definitely a company that has broken the boundaries that batteries have placed on consumer electronics for years.


PlatoWork Brain Simulator

Yes, you read the title right, “Brain Simulator.” Not even sure what that means in neurological terms, but I can tell you this much, it will improve the brain’s performance. Now look I know our brains aren’t computers that receive software updates every now and then, but they are relatively the same and are similar in function. The brain stores information and saves this information in memory for later use, just like a computer. Though there is one thing the makes our brains unique, and that is, it delivers consciousness.

PlatoWork has developed a headset that can improve conscious awareness and cognitive ability. Seems like a huge claim, I know, but from there studies and ongoing research, Morten Friis-Olivarius(a neuroscientist) believes the headset has the capabilities of improving cognitive function in certain regions of the brain. He says this is possible with tDCS- transcranial direct current stimulation, which sends a weak current to specific regions of the brain to increase neural activity. This can help in four aspects of cognition: learning, creativity, concentration, and rethinking.

This is surely an ambitious idea and if this works as stated, it can potentially revolutionize the way we think, behave, and learn.


Mix: The Smartest AR Glasses with 96 Degree FoV

You can already assume from the title that I will be discussing about AR glasses. On smartphones and tablets, there are already applications that implement games and services in AR. Microsoft has recently created there second version of Hololens which also allows users to navigate and interact in AR. We know where the future is headed, so you're probably wondering why this product here is being showcased in this article? And my answer to that is, this is no ordinary AR kit. When I tell you that this prototype will make the magic of AR apart of our everyday lives, such as smartphones have in the past decade, I mean it will alter the way we view reality(no pun intended).

Mix’s smart AR glasses has an immersive 96 degree field of view to provide users with more display area when gaming or doing certain tasks.Unlike other AR glasses that range a from 30-50 degree FoV, Mix makes sure that the images presented through the glasses look realistic and not cropped. These glasses connect to a laptop or PC to bring whatever is on the screen to LIFE. Imagine playing a game of pool in your living room without a pool table, or watching your favorite TV series without a monitor. This can and will eventually be possible with a set of Mix’s smart AR glasses that fit comfortably on your face and are relatively similar to sunglasses. Prepare for a new world we can actually call our own.



Ever been in a situation where you needed a friend to give you a ride somewhere but they just couldn’t come in clutch. Oh I know, I’ve been their plenty of times in the past. Thank goodness Loomo was created to fix that problem for good. Loomo is a mini electric scooter that has AI built in. I don’t mean AI as in Siri or Alexa, I mean AI as a best friend that you can talk and communicate with. It blows my mind that technology like this exists RIGHT NOW!

Loomo doesn’t just take you places, it also follows you places. You don’t ever have to worry about losing the little guy because it strolls along with you. It doesn’t stop there, you can program him to do all sorts of tasks around the house or in public using the compatible app. The next time you need to go somewhere, ask Loomo to give you a ride. I seriously need to meet him in person, I am now his #1 fan.

© 2019 Isaiah Leggett


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