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5 Reasons that Comcast is Best Cable TV Provider in U.S.

Updated on November 12, 2015

A Smart Cable TV Makes Your TV Look Actually Smart!

More Options on Your Cable TV, Evidently!
More Options on Your Cable TV, Evidently!

Things that Make Comcast Xfinity a Number One Choice of Cable TV Customers in US

The Cable TV industry in US has a cut-throat competition among its players and every company endeavors to win most customers by improving their features and introducing competitive rates. Yet, for many years now, Comcast is leading its way through all its major competitors with highest number of subscribers by attracting new and retaining old customers at the same time. There are many reasons behind the success of Comcast and loyalty of its customers that make it a top brand in cable TV business. As a consumer analyst, I have listed five prominent reasons of Comcast’s winning strategy that makes it a top most brand in most of the states:

1. XFINITY Packages- Suit Your Own Pocket:

Comcast’s XFINITY packages provide the company with an unparalleled competitive edge. The packages are tailored to cater to the needs of every pocket and household. The wide range of packages are not simply to accommodate customers’ budgets, but there are certain packages that are devised after considering the needs of different ethnic communities. XFINITY TV 150 Latino is one example of their smart package designing based on multi-cultural marketing. Beside choices on channels and on-demand content, the company wins more households with its offerings of multiple devices to help large households to keep everyone at their place entertained. For many customers, their packages are more important than the brand itself as it is evidenced by keywords that people are searching online are usually XFINITY Triple Play, Xfinity Double Play, etc.

2. Coverage Area- Large Land, More Crop:

Another advantage that the company enjoys is its massive coverage area. As Cable TV usually loses to Satellite TV due to coverage limitations but Comcast has managed to reach out to all major population centers and thus is able to get more customers all over the country. There is no other cable provider in the country that has so far been able to match the coverage area in which Comcast operates. Hence, Comcast customers are more confident that no matter where they would move, most probably their cable provider will also be able to move with them. This helps the company both to attract new customers and to remain the old.

3. Technological Advancement- Millennials Love New Ways of Watching TV:

The Comcast XFINITY provides its customers with some of the most advanced add-on features that are relatively newer to the cable business and very few other TV providers are able to offer them at the current moment. The customers of XFINITY enjoy features such as voice remote, interactive TV experience, recommendations based on personal tastes, preloaded shows, advanced search, smart phone apps for social media sharing, multiple recording options, and enhanced TV, internet and phone collaboration. The X1 Entertainment Operating System® also indicates toward the forward-looking and tech-savvy approach of this brand. Comcast is clearly providing customers with more reasons to opt for XFINITY in an environment of price-sensitivity and new technologies.

4. Retailer’s Exclusive Bundle Deals:

Beside other strategic advantages, a major source of winning new customers for XFINITY are its authorized retailers. The authorized retailers play an important role in industries that are price-sensitive and customer acquisition is one hell of a task. The authorized retailers of XFINITY provide with more leveraged bundle deals on its TV, internet, home phone and security subscription. Their bundle deals are exclusive and usually involve installation cost waivers and discounted rates. Interestingly, every smart and cost-effective buyer would prefer an authorized retailer rather than going directly to the company after reviewing deals from both the options. In order to find an authorized retailer (etailer to be more specific) in your local area, all you need to do is to go online and make a simple search on your preferred search engine.

5. Customer Services- Nurtured Customers are Best Salesmen:

An effective customer service is key to any business to be successful and survive the competition on a longer run. During my research on XFINITY, I happened to interact with number of Comcast customers of my locality and came across predominantly positive reviews regarding the Comcast customer support. Like other consumer analysts, I am also very skeptical and upon listening to too much positives, I did not fully believe the people I met personally and landed myself on the surface of web reviews and commentary. On most of the forums and online communities, people shared similar positive responses to threads discussing Comcast customer support quality. Hence it is safe to believe that a good customer support is contributing strongly to the success of XFINITY cable TV business.


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