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5 Soothing Websites You Need To Try

Updated on January 19, 2018
Mahrukh Khalid profile image

Hi! I'm Mahrukh Khalid,a senior in high school, I love to write and make people feel good about themselves so I'll do just that :)


5 Amazing websites are missing from your bookmarks, you need to try them, they will change your life :)

These website will motivate, relax and improve you in ways you never could have imagined. You need these websites in your life and you don't even know what your missing out on.

Here are the website you need to try:

1) A year of reading the world

On this website, Ann Morgan expresses her journey of reading 196 books from all around the world. Her wonderful style of writing and the beauty of her words sets the mind at ease. She updates books of the month that she reads providing good book recommendations and reviews.

If you are a book lover you will love this website for sure. Plus the art and design of the website is aesthetically pleasing.

2) Siizu

Siizu is an online shopping website. Their philosophy is simply to design and deliver beautiful, high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directed to you at an affordable price point.

They carry minimalist, classy and aesthetically pleasing pieces of clothing which is surely to set your mind at peace.

3) ElleDecore

ElleDecore aids one with tips and tricks to keep your home and life organized.

It also contains an online home decor shopping section which are minimalist and soothing to the eyes.

4) RainyMood

Pluviophile or people who love rain this is for you. This website creates a rainy atmosphere visually and audibly.

You can use it whenever your in a rainy mood :)

5) ArtOfTea

Tea lovers I've got your back.This website is all about tea. Benefits of tea, types of tea, buying tea,monthly tea recommendation, you name it. From the most common to the most bizarre tea, you can find it here.

Its a tea heaven for sure.

© 2018 Mahrukh Khalid


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