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5 Top Tablets for Convenient Business Use

Updated on November 19, 2013
The Apple iPad with Retina Display is a great option for those who need something that is user-friendly and has an amazing resolution quality.
The Apple iPad with Retina Display is a great option for those who need something that is user-friendly and has an amazing resolution quality.

Having to get on the internet frequently when I'm away from work for business related things.

A tablet makes my life much easier for getting online and completing tasks rather than having to carry around my laptop and make sure I have enough battery life.

Current tablet computers have a lot to offer the average business professional.

Any business that has a lot of employees that need to make regular business trips should invest in several tablets for them.

With a tablet in hand, they can keep better track of their agenda when they’re on the go.

Odds are they will still need to bring along their laptop, depending on whether they have to create new documents at their current destination.

Some tablets offer document creating capabilities; however, it’s hard for people who are used to what they can get from a laptop to understand them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

Tablets in the Business World

In the business world, efficiency is the name of the game.

When efficiency levels drop, it has a way of effecting how the entire business operates.

Tablets allow you to sync up a wide range of types of information to all your employees.

As soon as you send something to your employees on the go, you will know that they will get it and everyone will be on the same page.

Keeping track of a workforce that’s spread throughout the country is a challenge that few people should envy. Current technology makes this job a lot easier.

How much are you willing to spend on a tablet for work?

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Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z

Compatibility in the Workforce

Since there are so many tablets out there, it’s tempting to give each of your employees a different tablet.

Many problems arise when you try to get tablets from different brands with different operating systems to communicate with one another.

Applications exist that can bridge the compatibility gap; however, this creates all sorts of complications, especially when you’re trying to replace functionality that would otherwise be built-in to the device.

It’s better to buy a series of devices from one brand and eliminate the chances of complications occurring altogether.

If you will be using this tablet around water, it will be the best tablet for you because it's water resistant.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Tablets Easy Functionality

Apple tablets are arguably the best option for businesses that rely on their ability to create things to function.

Android tablets excel at pretty much everything else, but they fall short in the realm of creative capabilities.

The applications that are available in the Android marketplace separate it from what Apple products have to offer.

Sometimes there’s a bit of overlap in both of the marketplaces, but this doesn’t occur as much as you would think.

The functionality gap has closed between Android and Apple, making it impossible for the average user to avoid what Android has to offer.


What to Look for in Technology in the Future

Business professionals have to take advantage of technology in order to get ahead.

It also comes down to the quality of creative talent that’s using the technology available to them.

Technology can do great things for any business as long as it’s in the hands of the right people.

Using technology as a crutch is only going to diminish the overall level of efficiency of a project team.

This is why the project managers have to come up with training materials to ensure everyone has the same level of expertise.

It also helps to hire people who are more technologically inclined or have experience using certain devices.

The progression of technology has opened all sorts of doors for the business world.

5 stars for Apple iPad with Retina Display

Buying the Right Tablet for your Needs

Apple products are renowned across the world for obvious reasons.

They’re more flexible than any device we have seen come on the marketplace before or since their arrival.

The Apple iPad spawned several different imitators and created a product category that has been taking the world by storm.

If the amount of iPads sold all-time is any indication, a significant part of the world, 170 million in all, has an iPad in their possession.

Since this device has been remarkable from the start, the only changes that have made since the first version of this product came onto the market are subtle.

The fact that the iPad is catered to anyone who’s in the market of creating and are excellent and helping you manage your life is evident.

What’s not as clear is the focus on displaying and producing videos and photos in a higher resolution than ever before.

One term that has been thrown around since this particular iPad iteration’s release is “retina display.”

This term is used to describe the fact that the naked eye will have a hard time picking out any pixels on this device’s screen.

Between the high resolution and excellent graphics card, you will enjoy consuming media on this device.

Samsung Galaxy Note is remarkable when you consider the quality of the camera that’s present on the device.

There’s no camera on the front of the device, but that’s not that big of a deal when you consider that it has a higher amount of megapixels than any other camera that’s present in a tablet.

You can shoot videos and photographs in full 1080p HD clarity. You can’t choose how much storage space you want.

32 GB of storage is an optimal amount for a wide segment of the overall user base. The display resolution is unparalleled for any tablet that’s out there today.

This clarity will allow you to consume media better than what you could get from any other tablet.

This tablet release from Sony has brand recognition in its corner, but it’s lacking in all of the desirable features that are present in its counterparts.

That being said, it’s a remarkable tablet when you separate it from the rest of the pack.

Its vivid graphics and fast processor allow you to view and consume media faster than ever before.

You can’t load the device up with too many applications considering the limited amount of storage capacity you have to deal with.

You have to determine whether you want to have more applications or files stores on your device.

Based on its capabilities, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is the direct competitor to Apple’s iPad in terms of functionality.

It’s slightly heavier than its renowned counterpart and the fact that this device’s operating system takes up ¼ of its over storage capacity is a little discouraging.

When you subtract the space that’s needed for the operating system, you still have an amount of storage that’s higher than anything else on the market today.

Choosing to purchase this device limits you to set wireless capabilities and storage capacity.

Since the price level is so high, you would think that you would have more options.

With other devices that have a front and rear facing camera, you might have to deal with the fact that there’s a resolution difference between the two cameras.

The fact that this device has 720p HD resolution for both sides allows you to do whatever you want with either side.

The weight of this device is a little more than the average tablet; however, you should be willing to sacrifice a little portability for the opportunity to take advantage of such functionality.

One of the biggest things that are holding this device back is the fact that it’s not tapped into either the Apple or Android application marketplaces, which holds the users of this device back from using some of the more productive applications out there today.

Even though this device runs on the Android operating system, it has a weaker processer and smaller amount of RAM than most tablets on the market today.

You can still take advantage of all the applications present in the Android marketplace.

The problem comes in the limited amount of storage and performance capabilities that’s present in this device.

You have to try each application on an individual basis to determine whether the device is capable of running it.

You would be surprised at what this device can do and disappointed in the areas where it has a tendency to fall short.

© 2013 James Richton

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