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5 productivity Apps You'll Love If You Hate Sticky Notes

Updated on November 27, 2017
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Cindy raised her son while working from home and knows that a little professionalism goes a long way-home or office!

Every day is spent juggling career, family, appointments, shopping and who knows what else. Your home is dotted with sticky notes to remember all the tasks you need to complete. What you need is a little organization in your life. Well, I bet you didn’t know you had a tool for that right in your pocket. It’s called a cell phone and it has the power to simplify your life.

Here are 5 apps that can turn your cell phone into a virtual assistant:


Evernote can save anything you can see on your cell phone’s screen. It can capture websites, text, images, music, screenshots or links. If you can see it on your phone, you can save it in Evernote. You can take pictures of recipes, checks or business cards and save those images, too. Everything you save can be tagged with keywords, enabling you to find just what you need with a simple search. You can even sync Evernote with your desktop, tablet or laptop.


This app is amazing. Email, IM, text or call ReQuall to tell it what you need to remember, like appointments, shopping lists or errands. The app will analyze and organize your memo, then save it. Better yet, this app is location based, so if you tell it where you need to do something, such as pick up milk and eggs at the grocery store, it will remind you if you are in that vicinity.


Checking your email on your phone is convenient but it can be tiresome scrolling through multiple emails to find the one you want and the small screen size can make the messages hard to read. MailTime converts your emails to text message format to make it easier and quicker for you to either respond or delete it.


This is actually a widget that is placed on your phone and synced with your Google calendar. It then alerts you to anything on your calendar via pop-up reminders. Never forget another appointment, meeting or birthday again.


If you often forget to check your voicemail, here’s a tool for you. YouMail is a handy app that transcribes your voicemails and converts them to either email or text-or both, making it an easier and more convenient way to view, read and forward your messages.


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