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5 Video Creation Platforms for Lifetime Income Generation

Updated on May 26, 2020
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The author is a young boy who loves video creation and makes videos online


In this tech-savvy world, we learn many new things online. When we ask someone whether they are comfortable with video or text which is comfortable, it maybe video. This is because the video gives a real-life experience. You need not mess up with it by scrolling up and down to read the different paragraph. When you skip reading one of the paragraphs by which you may fail to understand the story or the article. With the encouraging results, the online video enterprise is a booming business now. With the encouraging results, the online video enterprise is a booming business now.

Amateur Videographers and adventurous people are coming forward to venture into the video creation business. People want to share their knowledge with their viewers, but due to the lack of knowledge of the platforms, they may be struggling with less traffic and watch time, and may not even earn a penny from the platforms.

But how can change occur? A change can occur by learning new platforms with lots of traffic.

Platforms for Video Creation

When we make a video we must make it in an appropriate platform so that it gets recommended to people who require it.


YouTube is the most known video-sharing platforms in the world. If someone is expected to watch something he may refer to YouTube since it is famous for thousands of video results. Most of the online writing platforms also support YouTube for video sharing. There is a mass storage capacity which allows you to create a unique, big and better video for better appreciation from the viewer.


Vimeo is another popular platform for video creation which is very useful and it helps it, creators, to make their video in such a way that it appears attractive. We can change the colour and theme of our video which many platforms lack in. It is considered one of the best video publishing platform. It is one of the best user-friendly apps. It also enables a very vast space of storage for the creators.


Dailymotion is a very useful platform for video creation for people who want something different. This platform will allow you to upload from funny videos to serious social, political issues. But, this platform allows only 2GB of storage and 1280*720 resolution for uploading videos and people don't use this because of this problem.


Twitch is an online platform for most sessions and gaming videos. You can either live stream or upload the video online. People recommended gamers and content creators to use twitch for video creation. It also has mass storage for people who are frequently uploading videos.


Liveleak is a website which is for people who make news or vlog videos. For small news channels, it is very useful for publicity as people will refer to you as a better news channel and it may help you in rising as a very good channel.

Video creation Is very useful for getting new viewers and subscribers
Video creation Is very useful for getting new viewers and subscribers

Other Platforms

Since the video streaming industry being highly in demand these days, video hosting sites are also growing dynamically. There are a large number of competitors in this field. Apart from the main player, the YouTube and Vimeo, Facebook video, the Open Video Project, Dailymotion, Twitch, Swarmify, Wistia, Sprout Video, Brightcove, Metacafe, Vevo, Flickr, DTube, IGTV, PeerTube, etc. are some of the promising platforms one can think of. Trouble-free video streaming is the main concern while handling huge amount of data load and the required bandwidth for service are very important. Therefore, it is wise to utilize the services of any of the video hosting sites and link its URL to the other digital contents of personal websites, blogs or social media messages.

Tips for Video Recording

  • Start from scratch.
  • Record confidently and don't be shy in front of the camera.
  • Make sure you have a good network so that your videos get uploaded easily.
  • Try recording without a script and from your mind so that you appear confident.
  • Even if you use a script make sure you try to change it and make a flow out of it.
  • Make sure you have good lighting so that even if you have a cheap camera it can record it better.
  • Sit at a place where the background is good but if you are recording in front of your device then consider using a screen backdrop with stable colour like green or uniform colour.


We can generate the highest organic traffic from these platforms since it has trackers which track people’s activity and gathers them to find which topic they watch the most and recommends than topic, so they can know more of the required topics and we can make a lot of organic traffic from this feature.


When people watch your video and are concentrating and are curious, suddenly ads appear and makes people get irritated and they leave our video making us get less views. This happens for because we activate monetization, it is for our good but, one good thing and one bad thing has to happen. We must not get sad but try hard so that people watch our video more and like it.

Which platform do you use the most?

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Streaming and Sharing

After preparing and uploading video we would love sharing with our friends and relatives. We can share them easily and promote them in all the platforms above. In times when you want to share your view of something with others them, we can stream online and this may be useful for quick information.


Video creation is a very useful way to share information within a few minutes to the masses using various platforms. After making a relevant and attractive video using the above tips to make it more impressive. After this, we must share it with people who are the targeted audience. Sharing with a known audience is a relatively easier task, but organic traffic generation and income generation becomes a reality over time. When we create videos on trending current topics as well as the information needs of large masses, our viewers' number increases rapidly facilitating income generation.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jnanesh Sharma H


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