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5 words and phrases that need to be removed from the Internet

Updated on February 23, 2016

We know how fast technology has moved on since the stone ages, I mean come on. We've gone from yelling inaudible noises to fellow cavemen, to simply sending them a tweet. We're not birds, but that's a whole other story. Here's a list of the most cringe-worthy words and phrases cultivated on the internet over the last few years.

Netflix & Chill

Can we please just stop this? NOW? Netflix is a one of the true gifts of mankind and it should not be ignored when others are present. Netflix must come first, forget the chill part.

It's the second most searched phrase after you type in Netflix on Google. Is it trying to tell me something about my love life or is it just because the majority of people in this world honestly don't understand what the minority of social network users are trying to say?

The whole point of Netflix and Chill is that of immense power. Picture this: you're comfortably placed right next to your favourite person in the world and five minutes later with no warning, they are completely ravenous towards you, sexual incentives racing through their mind so vividly you can almost see the lust flooding through their eyes. That's how it feels to be in the presence of a Netflix & Chill kinda person. It's almost like being in a relationship with an animal from The Jungle Book and if you do not know what I'm talking about, go watch it on Netflix. You don't pay £6.99 a month to ignore it as soon as it's on.

Chat Sh*t Get B*nged

Not being a sports fan at all, at first I thought that this had some connotations of intimacy too, only to find out that it is commonly used to "humiliate people who hate on something/one" (credit to Urban Dictionary). It's easily mistaken for all the remaining sane humans out there who haven't yet been brainwashed by mindless sports fanatics. Point being, it's just an uneducated way of saying "What goes around, comes around." This really needs to leave the internet before it becomes something much worse than an isolated Facebook status from that maniac football supporter in every room you enter.

"Bae" & "Cray"

Both of these single syllable words are simple ways of expressing the evolution of laziness of the spoken and written English Language. In fact, I'm not even sure if these two words even belong in the English Language, it must be a loan word from the town of "CBA-ville."

Bae, originally (unfortunately) created in the mid 2000's to appear in various pop songs, was to be known as a shortened version of the pet name "baby" or "babe." Before even trying to research into what it meant, I began thinking of possible phrases for this acronym Bacon And Eggs? Batting All Eyelashes? These make more sense than the actual phrase being "before anyone else". What a load of utter mushy love nonsense. What's more is that you don't just apply it to your loved ones; people use it to describe food, animals, activities, hobbies- anything that prioritises itself "before anyone else."

Cray? As for that I find that it is actually a type of fish. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure fish won't go "cray" if they see you texting someone they don't know. Go that extra mile and say CRAZY!

Do you even lift bro?

Just because some of us normal people don't live at the gym doesn't mean we don't have some sort of strength left in us. We find the normal, healthy way of getting muscly arms and legs. Yes, I said legs. Don't think that we can't see your legs from another reflection in the mirror of your local gym, your arms are great but you guys seriously look like Johnny Bravo. All this talk about "no pain, no gain" or the recently trending word for simply gaining muscle called "gains" is just too much for the teenager you are. You have the rest of your life to live, why spend it in the gym sweating your guts out, taking selfies, when you should be out riding BMX's and getting muddy? Or is that going too far back into your childhood...


First introduced in a Drake song back in 2012, the term YOLO spread around preteens like wildfire. It was a hit in most school disco's for a short period of time and only made sense whilst referring to an actual lyric of the song. I can deal with that usage. Until it got more...and more popular by the second people figured out its meaning.

"You Only Live Once." Yes, we know that. We've known that since we were young because of our parents telling us to live our only life to the fullest. Drake just made it sound cool on the radio. It's not like we need to be reminded every single second of the day! Yet again, as a representative of all the sane people on this earth, I beg of you about to say it; stop using the word YOLO. It's been added to the Oxford English Dictionary for Pete's sake!

Please, spare a thought for the children living in these conditions

All it takes is a few grammar lessons, a GCSE in English and a complete ban from all the sports channels.


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    • Sara Copley profile image

      Sara Copley 2 years ago

      Great Hub! It made me chuckle. And I completely agree with the 'Bea' and 'Cray'. Thanks for a very enjoyable read! Keep up the good work!