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50 HDTV -- Review/Buy 50 Inch HDTVs Online

Updated on August 5, 2009

50 inch HDTV Reviews

The coming switch to digital TV has a lot of people worried. Some of us, on the other hand, are wondering why anybody is still using bunny ears and cruddy old wood panel TVs, of course, but the fact remains that now would be the best time to make the switch to a new 50 HDTV set.

Understandably, a lot of people aren’t too enthused about the idea of buying a new 50 inch plasma set in an economy like this one, so it should be noted; the best lcd hdtv, the best hdtv plasma set, they’re quite a bit cheaper today then they were even a few years ago. This is simply the nature of consumer electronics. As the technology and components to make these 50 inch plasma hdtvs become easier and cheaper to produce, the price goes down… And not a moment too soon, with the switch to digital coming up.

So anyways, what we’ve compiled below is a list of a few of the top rated, best reviewed, most satisfying and most impressive plasma 50 hdtv sets out there.

Samsung HP-S5053 50 inch

Samsung HP-S5053 50 inch plasma hdtv

Samsung HP-S5053 50 HDTV Plasma

If you’re looking for a nice 50 Samsung plasma hdtv, the Samsung HP-S5053 50 inch plasma hdtv is one of their flagships you can buy online 50 HDTVs, and one of their best reviewed.

Now, it can be a bit pricy, so you may want to shop around a bit before settling on this 50 Samsung plasma hdtv from the first seller you find, but you definitely get your money’s worth in any hdtv comparison you could want to make.

The 50 HDTV screen uses an integrated hi-def ATSC tuner and the Samsung Digital Natural Image Engine, which generates your 50 inch plasma image in real time. This ensures beautiful, high contrast colors, pitch perfect white level, some of the best hdtv plasma picture detail, and digital noise reduction.

For connections, you’re basically set. This plasma 50 HDTV comes with 2 HDMI connections, 2 component connections, 2 composite connections, 2 S-Video, a digital coazial, and a digital optical. In terms of connections, this is probably one of the best HDTV sets available, and maybe the very best 50 Samsung plasma HDTV, and you know, that’s saying something, as the 50 samsung plasma hdtv sets are amongst the best in the world in the first place.

Now, if you don’t want a 50 samsung plasma hdtv, you may want to consider a panasonic 50 plasma hdtv…

Panasonic 50 HDTV VIERA TH-50PZ850U

Panasonic 50 HDTV VIERA TH-50PZ850U

Panasonic is one of those companies offering neither the best nor the worst in consumer electronics like 50 HDTV sets and computers, but rather, they offer something good at a lower price. That said, this Panasonic 50 HDTV is shockingly good for the price.

A lot of reviewers are quick to point out that the image quality and black levels aren’t quite as impressive as the better 50 samsung plasma hdtv sets, and that you don’t have as many options as you do with a lot of the flagship LG HDTVs, nor is it quite as mind blowing in features as the better 50 HDTV Plasma Vizio sets, but the difference is so marginal that it’s pretty hard to notice, really.

What you get is, just about, top notch image quality, or at least image quality so good that you would have to be an android to notice any difference in an HDTV comparison between this one and one of the better LG HDTV sets or a good 50 HDTV plasma Vizio set. As far as the human eye is concerned, this Panasonic 50 HDTV is one of the best 50 inch Plasmas around. Easy to buy online, 50HGTV units can be found cheaply on the net.

You do get 4 HDMI inputs, which is better than most of the Plasma TV LG 50’s, and more impressive than many of the best LCD HDTV sets. You get digital and analogue for your 50 HDTV, and you get a nice, crisp 1080p Hi Def resolution. All in all, this set definitely stands beside just about any 50 HDTV plasma Vizio in an HDTV comparison. Of course, as long as we’re talking about the 50 hdtv plasma vizio sets…

50 HDTV plasma Vizio P50HDM

50 hdtv plasma Vizio P50HDM flatscreen

50 HDTV plasma Vizio P50HDM flatscreen

One of the main thing reviewers like about this 50 hdtv plasma vizio is that it has a surprisingly low price for being one of the best HDTV plasma sets around. The black level performance is better than you get from most LG HDTV sets or Panasonic 50 HDTVs, you get some of the best lcd HDTV and some of the best HDTV plasma color decoding, some of the best lcd HDTV and some of the best HDTV plasma video processing, and two separate HDMI inputs. It really is a winner in most HDTV comparisons you might like to make.

However, the false contouring artefacts bothered some users, especially those used to the excellent artefact rate you get with plasma tv LG 50 sets and the Panasonic 50 plasma HDTVs, and there’s no CableCard or HDTV tuner.

Still, it’s a pretty good plasma 50 HDTV for the money, it boasts some of the best LCD HDTV and some of the best HDTV plasma picture quality, the color contrast is beautiful, the black levels are high, and it’s just all around a darn good plasma 50 HDTV.

You know, we’ve been talking a lot about plasma TV LG 50 sets for our HDTV comparisons, so we may as well go ahead and review the best plasma TV LG 50 set!

LG HDTV LH5000 50

LG 50 HDTV LH5000 50 inch plasma

This LG HDTV set uses an LED backlit screen, which sounds like a goofy idea until you see it in action. Along with the TruMotion drive, this allows this LG HDTV to have some of the best 50 inch plasma picture quality of any set from the Panasonic 50 plasma HDTVs to the 50 HDTV plasma Vizio sets.

Reviewers seem to be particularly impressed with this 50 inch plasma HDTV’s ability to bring a nearly unprecedented frame rate to your plasma 50 HDTV experience. One reviewer went so far as to say that this 50 HDTV simply puts the Panasonic 50 HDTV sets to shame. The Panasonic 50 plasma HDTVs are still a great value for their price, but this plasma 50 hdtv does offer beat a lot of the best LCD HDTV and the best plasma 50 HDTV image qualities in just about any HDTV comparison. Whether it puts Panasonic 50 HDTV sets to shame is for you to decide, but the majority of reviewers did rate this higher than most Panasonic 50 plasma HDTVs, and higher than most 50 Samsung plasma HDTVs.

So is it simply the best buy online 50 inch HDTV plasma out there? Well, a few reviewers would’ve liked some more input options and perhaps slightly deeper blacks, but beyond that, this 50 inch plasma HDTV will give you some of the best picture quality, period.

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      Thanks for the very useful and informative post. Great description of the TVs and awesome hub!

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      Good work thank you for giving out this information, it has been very useful for me and i'm sure others have found it useful too

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      I guess tht covers that.


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