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50 Killer Content Ideas for Digital Marketing in 2014

Updated on February 28, 2014

SEO Has Changed

SEO has changed a lot after back to back updates (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird) by Google, Social media has evolved a lot with the rise of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and some other social networks. It has become very difficult for the marketers with low or medium skill level to compete with their competitors on the web

Content Ideas for Digital Marketing in 2014
Content Ideas for Digital Marketing in 2014

Hence, it requires serious attention of marketers and a very good knowledge to perfectly market any brand/product/service on the web. Few points for all the digital marketing professionals and company owners!

  • Only the carefully thought-out campaign attribution can show the SEO campaigns true value to any business.
  • Only a well-planned and researched PPC campaign will be able to connect the business with its potential customers.
  • A SMO campaign that generates interest and engagement among the users is the only way to quick brand awareness and promotion on social sites.
  • And, most importantly the quality and variety of content you contribute on the web matters everywhere and have the capability to give wings to your business revenue and ultimately the profit.

Though every activity including SEO, SMO, PPC, E-mail and content marketing is important for the brand promotion, but every activity requires content. Every marketer knows that the content is king and the quality and context is the Queen. Now the only headache is what content to prepare? So here I’m be listing the 50 content ideas and resources for your digital marketing campaigns in 2014.

  • Ask your website visitors to ask you questions, moderate and answer the asked questions and publish the thread on your website itself. You can use Question2Answer free CMS for the same purpose.
  • Do video, even if you only have a limited budget – Record your brainstorming sessions, include transcript in the HTML – this is valuable for users and search engines, put purely informational content on Youtube. For example, you can show how to install a softtware by capturing video of you computer screen while installing that software.
  • Do a screencast with Screenr of your product and share it on your blog and video sharing sites. It can be like you are showing features and specifications of your product. You can also record how it works?
  • Create a step-by-step guide on how to do something in a screencast and create how-to videos.
  • Create a music video for your company, product or services. For example, you can create a music video at any event or party of your company.
  • Create a cartoon, put any inspirational message related to your industry along with it and share on social media.
  • Create an article with some multimedia content included such as images, video clips, audio clips or if possible create funny Gifs.
  • Point to some common mistakes in your industry and offer solutions/suggestions. For example, if you are a real estate agent, write about what mistakes people make while buying a property and share your suggestions as the solution.
  • Shoot an industry related event and share on your blog and social media. Like SMX, the search marketing Expo.
  • Offer advantages and disadvantages of something relevant to your products/services.
  • Write your own opinion about any topic published on any other blog or website.
  • Just make a list of high quality content resources (Blog Posts and Tools) around any particular topic and share links on your blog. Like this one.
  • Share slides from any of your recent presentation.
  • Create a list of top motivational and knowledgeable resources about your industry and share the list on your blog.
  • Ask question on any question and answer web site or twitter or any of your personal or business social profile and share answers on your company blog or embed it using Storify.
  • Create a story around any topic using existing web resources and share on the your company blog.
  • Share a case study of any company which is successful and offer how the company did it to inspire your audience. Just like the case studies of nastle at this page
  • Ask industry experts to write on your blog or get just few tips from them and create a story around the tips.
  • Create an article explaining the statistics, trends and insights about your industry. Use Google trends for the same purpose. Better if you can share these into an info-graphic. Use tools such as Infogram to create awesome info-graphics. Example here.
  • Share the latest news/happenings/events/webinars about your industry. Find a website that offer event details and listing and grab further information.
  • Write about myths and misconceptions about any particular topic like this one.
  • Ask your customers to write testimonials and share on your blog, much better if you can record it and make a video.
  • Write about having fun in the current season and holiday.
  • Ask your twitter followers to share their best tip about any particular topic and merge all responses into a single article. Do not forget to mention those followers in the article.
  • Just research the industry experts accounts on twitter and share the list on your blog asking people to follow these accounts. Example here.
  • Use SocialBro to explore your twitter community and share the essential stats and insights.
  • Share your digital analytics stats, insights and snapshots of your website to inspire your readers and yourself. Example here.
  • Offer a daily tip just for your twitter followers.
  • Tell a joke on social networks.
  • Offer behind-the-scene of something, your office party, company events or anything you can capture. For example you can check Pete Souza's instagram profile, he is the official chief photographer at white house. He post behind the scene photographs of White house on his account.
  • Capture something wrong or mistake made by a reputed brand and share on your blog.
  • Do a special edition about any relevant topic.
  • Ask a hypothetical question. (Example: “Would you rather ____?” “If you could _____”)
  • Share a photo and ask people to write best caption.
  • Post images, videos from a conference, seminar or any industry related event.
  • Ask your employees/colleagues to share their best tip around any particular topic and share on your blog.
  • Conduct a survey like this one among the industry professionals, your employees/colleagues, friends and relatives and share the results on your blog.
  • Use mind mapping, prepare a list of best resources, videos, photos, articles about any topic relevant to your industry and share on your blog.
  • Do an interview of expert and publish like those here.
  • Write reviews of non-competitive products you have used.
  • Write about your company history, growth path, strategies, future directions, case studies and inspire your audience.
  • Write about your own personal struggles, difficulties, annoyances and failures.
  • Run a contest on your own site, Facebook or any other social network.
  • Write a book for your business.
  • Maintain an FAQ in your website.
  • Stay relevant with current events.
  • Use forums for more ideas and follow your industry related blogs at
  • Create Infographics and graphics.
  • Get user-generated content through comments or by installing forums on your website.

Last but not the least; write an article like I did.


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