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50 Reasons to upgrade to Excel 2010

Updated on August 4, 2012

Software changes all the time. So we have to go with the change most of the time either we like it or not. Upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2007 is the same story. There are many who loves the new version and in the mean time there are as many who hate Office 2007. There are definitely many reasons to do so (Especially to hate!). For me it seems a premature child birth. There are many new things Microsoft tried to introduce into Excel 2007 but unfortunately they were unable to deliver .  For example some features takes way too long to execute (eg: Conditional formatting with more than 3 conditions) and Some have bugs (eg:chart macro recording). So following is my list of things about Excel 2007. Enjoy!

1.       You need more than 256 columns

2.       You receive spreadsheets prepared in Excel 2007

3.       Your friends are using Excel 2007

4.       You need over 15000 columns

5.       It is the new version. New version always have new features

6.       You don’t like Excel 2003

7.       You have to teach your kids/friends Excel 2007

8.       Microsoft needs to survive

9.       You brought a new computer which has a better hardware configuration

10.   You are asked to submit an assignment in Excel 2007.

11.   You have to support the technological enhancement.

12.   Excel 2007 user interfaces are more pleasing

13.   Improved data recovery

14.   You like nice colorful graphics

15.   You do a lot of pivot tables  and need the new pivot table features in Excel 2007

16. You need new features in your graphics

17. You are not recording chart macros in Excel 2007 (chart macro recording performance in Excel 2007 is very poor).

18. You need very slow macros

19. You want to handle data tables very efficiently

20. You like the slow chart refresh

21. You like the file to open slowly.

22. You like the improved conditional formatting features.

23. You need more than 3 conditional formatting tests.

24. You don’t like the customizable tool bar

25. You like the fixed ribbon (whereas you have custom menus and buttons in Excel 2003)

26. You need unlimited colors to your worksheet

27. You need more than 65000 columns

28. You don’t like to apply background patterns

29. You are fed up with menu and button approach

30. You need over million rows

31. You have much free time to learn how one feature works in Excel, for which the Excel 2003 menu option comes to your mind instantly

32. You like to relearn Excel

33. You don’t want macros in password protected worksheets

34. You like to easily remove duplicates

35. You don’t like to change the value of a data point by dragging the point in the chart

36. You don’t like the customizable macro buttons

37. You don’t want the Export/Save as DBF option

38. You are ready to upgrade to Excel 2010 to be able record chart macro

39. You like the more or less similar excel 2003 in a different wrapping

40. You would like to upgrade to Excel 2010 to really benefit from the conditional formatting options available in Excel 2007

41. You are provided a machine which is installed with Excel 2007

42. You need as many as 64 nested functions

43. The 7 nested functions available in Excel 2003 is not enough to you

44. You want to sort and filter your data on font color

45. You want to filter and sort data on back color

46. You like the resizable formula bar





So there are 4 more reasons to fill. I expect to fill them through your response. So please write down why you like Excel 2007 (or why you don't!) in the comments section.  I will add them to the list (with your name too!).


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    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 6 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka


      I have not tried MS Excel 2010 yet. But what I heard is that it is merely a bug fix of Excel 2007.

    • ImChemist profile image

      ImChemist 6 years ago

      Did you try Microsoft excel 2010 ?