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6 Great Reasons Why We Need to Use Solar Power

Updated on April 3, 2016
Simple diagram explaining different types of technology on renewable energy.
Simple diagram explaining different types of technology on renewable energy. | Source

It warms our bodies and is essential in the growth of our food supplies. In fact, it is one of the factors essential for our very existence. Yes, the sun plays a very important role in our survival. However, for all that the sun does for us, its fullest potential hasn't been fully harnessed - at least up until relatively recent times. With advances in science and understanding of the natural world, we have come to appreciate the potential of the sun as a source of solar energy. With advances in technology, we are now in a position to harness this source of energy.

Perhaps like most people, you might be satisfied with the status quo, or the way things are today. Perhaps you're comfortable with your present circumstances and you feel you don't need to change something that seems to work quite well for you. Therefore, you might not have reason to see a need to transition to solar power, or at the very least, support efforts to invest in harnessing this source of energy for everyday needs.

If you're one of the many people who think this way, now might be a good time to consider the benefits of solar power. It may well enhance your appreciation for the sun and its powerful potential.

O Water, Water, Wherefore Art Thou Water?
O Water, Water, Wherefore Art Thou Water? | Source

"I Don't Care About the Environment"

You may not be into caring about the environment. In fact, you may one of those who just take life for granted. You turn your faucet on and water comes out, the heat comes up when you are cold and the lights in your home come on when you flip a switch. So why should I be concerned about the environment, you say? Because if you don't, one day when you turn your faucet on there will no longer be clean water, the heat may not come on when you badly need it or the lights just won't turn on when you flip that switch.

World population just reached 7 billion. The rise in population not only means resources need to be produced to match the needs of that growth, it also means that energy requirements will also likely increase in response to the need to produce more resources for the growing population. It is a cycle that feeds itself.

Unfortunately, in the case of energy sources, most of these are based on fossil fuels. Not only are these fossil fuel based energy sources harmful to the environment as more and more of it gets used, it is also a finite resource that will get scarcer and scarcer as years go by. That is why governments these days are now looking into the development of alternative and renewable sources of energy.

The sun is one of those resources that are friendly to the environment and is not likely to run out.


Solar Energy is Cost-Effective

The sun has the ability to not just provide warmth but also to help to generate electricity to run your home products by means of harnessing solar energy. This energy source has proven to be very cost-effective to a lot of people. Solar equipment, once installed, costs little or nothing to operate. In fact, the government has even helped persons in installing solar equipment in the form of tax incentives. In other countries, their governments incorporate the use of solar energy in remote areas that have not yet been connected to their main power grid.

With solar energy, the extra power that you may need for a rainy day is stored in even more efficient batteries. Many users of solar power say that it often takes little thought in operating it, since its operation is natural.

Personal Profitability

In addition to it being cost effective, proponents of solar energy have also proposed a scheme where you can get paid for energy you did not avail of from the main grid. In many cases, 70% of the northern hemisphere can generate heat and run power in their homes by means of solar energy. This means that whatever energy they have left over goes back to the power grid, if you choose for it to do so. Just imagine your power meter running backwards.

Illustration depicting modern construction methods that make a commercial building more energy efficient.
Illustration depicting modern construction methods that make a commercial building more energy efficient. | Source
 Overview of renewable energy sources
Overview of renewable energy sources | Source

Off The Grid

When you use solar power, you are in effect learning how to 'fend for yourself'. No longer do you have to rely on a system of interconnectivity. It helps you to rely on your own means of resources instead of paying high utility bills. This also means that when there is breakdown in the grid, you still have access to energy in your home without the need for a noisy, fossil fueled powered generator that is also harmful to the environment.


Solar energy has helped immensely with helping to empower many households without their having to pay high utility bills. However, in some ways it still has a long way to go. This, of course, is not to say that solar power is not versatile enough. It can, for instance, be formed into thin sheets to help facilitate electric automobiles. It can be flattened to fit properly on homeowners' rooftops, unlike its original models back in the 1970s, which was a little cumbersome.

Because of the growing popularity of solar energy, the prices for such products have depreciated, or gone down in value. In fact, they are coming down, as fast as today's LCD flat screen TVs. In fact, many flat screen TVs also employ the use of solar power, using a process called photovoltaics.

Personal Responsibility

Consider the personal benefits of solar energy. As was mentioned previously, it will greatly reduce your utility bills. In addition, it will also help in saving the environment by using a readily available natural resource that requires no extraction process and creates no side effects harmful to the environment. By helping advocate and support the development and use of solar energy, you and your children will help make the earth a better and safer place for human and animal habitation.


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    • moiragallaga profile imageAUTHOR

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 

      6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Thank you for your comment Derdriu. We need to start getting aware about the potentials and value of renewable energy such as solar. We owe it to our kids and the future generations that we don't mess things up for them to deal with many years from now.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Moiragallaga: Thank you for the clear, logical, succinct analysis which you so thoughtfully present about the benefits and conveniences of solar power. You raise important points, which you support with helpful explanations and practical examples.

      Voted up, etc.,



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