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7 Step Guide on Choosing a Canadian TV Provider Online

Updated on October 28, 2015
Getting Best Canadian TV Provider
Getting Best Canadian TV Provider

A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing a TV Provider with Unmatched Value and Cheapest Rates in Canada

We Canadians spend quite a considerable amount of time watching TV, studies believe it to be 30 hours each week. It provides us with our daily dose of entertainment, information and relaxation after tiring day at work or elsewhere. It caters to each member of family and provides an opportunity to have a family time, every evening.

We all expect our essentials to remain uninterrupted, wholesome and valuable, so TV service should be no different from others. Bring in more channels, innovative features, enhanced liberty, reduced cost and technological edge that each time you sign up with a new TV provider. Beside monetary side of the story, deciding on your TV provider at the end of the day, is about your family. For example, missing on any channel that is essential for any member of the family could affect the family time and will force him/her to move away with a mobile device. So exercising care and vigilance is of utmost importance in this case.

This article will help you with taking concrete steps while you complete your journey of moving to a new TV provider online.

1. Satellite TV v/s Cable TV

Before you move on in your buyer’s journey, decide between a satellite TV and cable TV. If you care more for money and would not like your TV bill break your bank in anyway then Satellite is a better option. Satellite TV providers offer cheap and competitive packages when compared to cable TV. However, Cable TV has lower disruptions during weather adversities but rates are higher, no matter which TV provider you opt for. Beside monetary edge, cable TV is available in fewer locations, whereas satellite TV will definitely be available in your locality.

2. Search for Available Services in Your Area

Once you have decided between cable and satellite TV, now search for the TV providers that are offering their services in your area. In case of satellite TV, you will have more options as it is available in most of Canada. On the other hand, there will be fewer cable TV providers that makes your choice easy but with limited options to choose from. There is a fierce competition among satellite TV providers so make sure you get the most out of their corporate feuds and challenges.

3. Go through Customer Reviews Thoroughly

Once you have listed down the available TV providers, now compare them in regards to their customer reviews. Go on review websites and forums and learn on how the companies are treating their customers. Note down key negatives and positives for your quick comparison based on customer complaints and compliments. In order to search for specific reviews, try search engines and mention the names of TV providers that you are considering to make sure your research is complete. Use popular keywords, such as Shaw Direct customer reviews or Shaw Direct pros and cons.

4. Opt for packages with most features and add-ons

Now eliminate the names that had bad reputation out of your list and get ready for key comparison stage. Here you will review the features that best suit your requirements. Give some head to add-ons and other complimentary services that would add value to offered packages. Do not overlook the number of channels and on-demand content included in the package for your comparison. Learn about the equipment and after-sale benefits. Delete the names that were not complying with your aspirations and take remaining names to next stage.

5. Compare Rates for Similar Features

Here is the most important step in your decision making process. Analyze the total cost of offered packages. Don’t take them at face value and dig into other associated costs, like equipment cost, installation fee, etc. Make sure cost comparison is made between packages with features carrying equal value.

6. Go for Bundle Offers, Save More

Here is how you can save even more, you will see most of TV providers offering bundle packages that mostly include TV, internet and Home Phone. Going for bundle deals will help you in saving on your total monthly expense for different utilities. Authorized retailers of TV providers can offer you with exclusive bundle deals that are more affordable and valuable. You will find many authorized retailers online and can view the details on their websites for comparison. So you will be done with your internet, TV and home phone for some time.

7. Keep Service Contracts Short

Finally you have selected your TV provider, decided your favorite package, opted for the best rate, added value by bundling different services and now is the time to decide for how long you should be in contract with any specific TV provider. My advice for you would be to keep contract short and simple. The corporate competition makes these TV providers to come up with more and more competitive offers each year. Hence by keeping contract short will enable you to save more next year and liberty to switch in case you are not happy with your choice.

Good luck ;)


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