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5 Things You Should Never Google

Updated on July 7, 2020
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An author and a writer with a different approach to life. Covid 19 can surely check our patience but we will never give up.

As you all know that google is considered to be the wellspring of information. It is one of the most used and best search engines in the world. Fortune magazine has ranked Google as the best company succeeding the other big companies in 2008. Its mission is to make the world’s information universally effective and accessible. Its primary mission is to adopt and provide culture value for its workers. They also aim to provide its employees with a challenging environment to work hard and have fun in that also. Every time you search the engine google just searches the billions of pages in a fraction of a second to find what its programme decides are the answers you want and then provides the addresses.

But there are some things which you should never Google. There is a very important reason why you should never Google yourself and why many people don’t like doing it. Although in many of the cases Google can be of great help in something you need. However, it can also work against you. So let’s find out some of the things which you should never Google.

1. Your Body Symptoms

Most of us in someday of our life have surely googled our symptoms to know what’s going on in our body. We Google our symptoms and self diagnose the diseases before going to any physician. But do you know that it can cause anxiety issues in many patients? As not all results are ethical and can make things more complicated for no real reason. As anyone can publish their content online and you are not able to find its actual credibility or they are legit or not.

When it comes to Wikipedia, it is considered to be the sixth most popular sites for any medical information. Anyone can write or edit its articles if they want to. The guidelines are also not strong as it does not even require contributors to provide their real name, which precisely means there is zero accountability for whatever is published or modified.

Any person who is goggling its symptoms will bound to see results that tell surgery or it connects the symptom with a form of cancer. As internet articles cover everything from least to most severe cases of health issues. It helps in convincing people that their symptoms are worse and that they are suffering from some big health issues than it actually is. If you have any health problems talk to your doctor instead of searching and wasting your time on the internet.

2. Anything Criminal

As it has been rightly said, “An empty mind is a devil’s house”. When you don’t have anything to do, your mind runs in an unnatural direction forcing you to do something criminal, it may be out of curiosity. This can be serious at times. You may try to look up for things like “how to make a bomb” or “ how to kill someone” or “ how to do robbery at bank” which can be out of pure interest. However, security and cybercrime control personnel always keep an eye on such activities and keeps a track record of these searches, as your IP address can appear in such database. So, it is better not to google anything criminal which can get you in trouble just because of your curiosity.

3. Cancer Symptoms

When you hear the word Cancer the body and mind begin to freeze, and this is the case where the less you know the better you sleep. There are more than 100 types of cancer where the symptoms vary depending on the type of it. Sometimes there are no symptoms and still, you can suffer from this deadly disease, and many times even if you have symptoms it does not means you have cancer. There can be symptoms which can be very common for other harmless conditions. The most common symptoms may include nausea, fatigue, throat problems, fever, headache. People start searching their symptoms and google will mostly show cancer in severe cases and symptoms and people start panicking. It's better to take rest and talk to your doctor if your problem persists even after a week.

4. Giving Birth to a Newborn

We have seen in many of the movies that a women yells loudly in pain while delivering a baby, sweating and doctors running here and there trying to keep her calm. It looks much stressful even in a movie, so just think of a woman giving birth in a real life. However, the real process seems much more disturbing at times. It can make women depressed and discourage them to give birth to a baby which can be dangerous for them. It is better to not know anything before doing something as it can even worsen the situations. They can suffer from anxiety problems, blood pressure may rise and things can become complicated. This can also happen in the process of caesareans. So, it's better not to google and remain calm as producing and giving birth to a new life is the most beautiful feeling in this world.

5. Your Name

In today's internet world the privacy of people is greatly questioned. If you try to find out your name on google you will land upon some unpleasant results. You may see bad photos, irrelevant content and outdated information which can make you depressed if taken seriously. As it is human nature the things will work as you will feel trapped in a spiders web. You will try to remove those irrelevant things from the internet. but it's not a simple thing to do. The thing we should do is to keep calm or not to google it simply.

Then What to Google?

Life is full of numerous things which we don't know. There are many things to look for. So, instead of looking for unpleasant stuff on Google, try to have fun and exciting things to search on Google. You can try anything beginning with "why", " how", "when" etc. Just enjoy the benefits of this amazing invention, with little innovation you will be surprised to see how it can change your life.


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