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6 Ways to Use Facebook Wisely for Your Online Marketing

Updated on July 16, 2013

Facebook in undisputedly the most popular social media website available and it is a place where you can see a lot of people hanging around and networking with friends and family. One of the main reasons why a majority of the people spends their time on Facebook is just for time pass. They just spend their time chatting and connecting with their friends or relatives. 90% of the Facebook users never go beyond using Facebook as a medium of just connecting and chatting with their friends or relatives.

Only the remaining 10% of users have realized the power of Facebook as a major marketing platform. Facebook is indeed one of the most powerful online marketing platforms whose potential is still explored by a small number of users. Facebook has a lot of things in store for the online marketers and has launched a number of features that are purely beneficial for those who wish to market or promote their business online.

Here are some of the few methods that you can try to enhance your internet marketing activities with the help of the features offered by Facebook. These are very simple to use and if used wisely, you will be yielding unbelievable results.

1) Build a Niche Network Profile
If you are serious about promoting your business through Facebook, then it is better to have a network followers who are somewhat related to your niche. This will help you in building a much more targeted audience where you can share your ideas and also your new products. If used properly, you can simply promote your business online by just setting up and building a basic Facebook profile.

2) Interact Regularly
There is no point in just creating a Facebook and expecting the magic to happen. If you want to see some positive response from your Facebook profile, you need to interact regularly with your followers and make them feel that you are a honest friend. Once you start interacting, more people will be willing to listen to you and you can easily promote your products and services. You should also start appreciating others which will indeed increase your reputation and popularity leading to a better chance of displaying your business to others.

3) Utilize Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are one of the best communities which you can create or even join groups created by others. Just select or create a group that is based on your business niche and start participating, interacting and ultimately promoting your products. Facebook groups are more open and it is somewhat like an open forum where you can share and discuss your thoughts and ideas. Once you learn how to promote your business through Facebook groups, you will really find it easy and interesting to use.

4) Create Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages are actually intended for serving as an official area for any business or organizations and at the same time as a effective platform for connecting with likeminded people. You can share your thoughts, ideas; create events etc that will eventually help in improving your branding and also your business prospective.

5) Create Polls
Polls are really an interesting feature in Facebook and the truth is that majority of the people are interested in participating in polls, as they are less time consuming. So creating polls based on your business area is one of the best way to increase your branding, popularity and also gain more loyal followers. This will indeed be a big boost in promoting your business online.

6) Use Facebook's Paid Promotion Service
Ultimately, apart from using the free services offered by Google, you can go a level higher by availing the paid promotion service offered by Facebook. The paid services by Facebook are indeed effective and help you in promoting your business in a better way. You can promote your posts, your pages, your groups, events etc by availing the easy paid marketing platform offered by Google.

The above points are just only a few of the options that are commonly used and still there are many other areas that are still untouched. If you are serious about marketing your products and services on Facebook then you will gradually learn the ropes by gaining more knowledge about Facebook marketing. Facebook has shown us a lot about the strengths of internet advertising and believe me that the power of Facebook marketing and advertising is much higher that we have ever expected.


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    • JPSO138 profile image

      JPSO138 4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

      Yes, facebook really does work. I have been using some of your tips and got amazing results.