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7 ways to use the iPad productively

Updated on July 26, 2010

Users of the iPad have been mostly interested in the iPad as a device for entertainment.

Sure, it is nice to have a mobile computer that can play movies, music, and games.

However, there is much more for the iPad than meets the eye at the first view.

There are also lots of ways to use the iPad as a productive device. These are business reasons that can be used to justify the expense of buying the iPad -- and even get a tax break.

Here are seven ways to use the iPad productively:

  1. Use the iPad to keep all your contacts. The traditional way to keep contacts was to have a hedgepod of agenda, electronic software, online services such as Gmail, and others. Withe the iPad you have the opportunity to have everything in the same place.
  2. Edit text during your trips: in the past you had to carry a laptop to edit text of change a spreadsheet. While this works, it is not very efficient. For example, in short trips it takes a long time to load and close the laptop. The iPad is small, very fast, and has all the software you need.
  3. Stay updated on stock prices: if you invest a little or a lot, it is nice to know how much money you are making (or losing). The iPad has very good  apps to check the price of your stocks.
  4. Keep in contact with clients. With the iPad you can use any number of contact applications, including email, text message, online chat, facebook, twitter, and others. You can justify the expense of an iPad quickly by using its messaging options.
  5. Maintain a blog: with the iPad you can access a blog very easily. You can also write posts while waiting for your train, or in line for a flight.
  6. Organize your pictures: instead of spending time organizing pictures on a laptop, use the iPad and its great features to store images.
  7. Use the iPad as flash memory: There are several apps that allow the iPad to be used as an (expensive) thumb drive. You just need to download the app, start it, and share files between the iPad and your desktop or laptop.


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    • yalenova profile image

      yalenova 7 years ago

      This tips not only for iPad. I think iPad is not special thing. Just for fun