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8 Effective Ways To Create Images for your Blog

Updated on September 28, 2016

Benefits of having pictures in your blog

  • Human brains understand pictures easily - Human brain is designed for grasp a picture easily. You are likely to get more view if your article has pictures. An article header image is a great idea to start with. A relevant picture with a text not only professional but give your more eyeballs.
  • People bore with words - No one likes to read a lot of texts. A picture will create interest in readers to continue reading.
  • Pictures are social media friendly - A post with pictures likely to be shared more than a normal article. Social media like Instagram and Pinterest are created for image sharing.
  • People love Infographic - People likely to engage more with the post if you have stunning infographics. An infographic contains pictures with useful data to explain the concept. It is recently very popular.


How I create images for my article

I use Canva and to create Infographics and header images. It contains a lot of pre-defined templates like a blog post, twitter header, youtube header etc. It is really very easy to create a picture using Canva. Please find the video tutorial below:

Canva Video Tutorial

Guidelines to follow for the image

Remember you cannot any image find on Google. You need to take care certain guidelines before using the image. Here are some of them:

  • Mention some text with the images to explain the concept
  • Use featured or header image
  • Whenever possible use Infographics with attractive colors and text
  • Use copyright free images and read terms and condition before using it
  • Share and build more images
  • Never ever copy any images from Google and blindly use it n your post


A picture is worth a thousand words. You can create worthy images and bring tons of traffic and create viral content.
Tools like Canva can be very handy to create header images, infographic, and other images quickly and easily.
I hope this post helped you to create images for your post. Please do not forget to share, and comment to this hub.

You should include at least 2 images for your post. It may be difficult in the beginning but slowly and steadily you will be a master.


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