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8 People to Get Inspiration and Encouragement on Facebook

Updated on July 10, 2017

Facebook today is used to share and connect with many people about our lives, career, families, children and to keep in touch. Facebook can also be used as a source of encouragement, support and strength if you are stay around the right people to get it. When your day or life is not going well, or you seem disappointed, overwhelmed, or just need some direction with decisions, motivation for the present, then check out these places on facebook to lift up your heart and spirits.

1. Dr. Mark Chironna- Life coach & mentor, Seminar speaker, author of many books

His words of encouragement daily on facebook gives you hope, wisdom, meaning and purpose in times of disappointment, uncertainty, issues with one self and the people in our lives. I have been truly uplifted everytime that I receive daily inspirations from him. Here is an example of the kind of things he writes daily

Examples of His post

"Take note of people in your life who catch you doing things right. They’re continually giving you and others the gift of affirmation and encouragement. When you are around them you feel most alive and effective. Your ability to achieve increases in their presence. They hold positive expectations about your future because they believe in you. If you can’t find these people, become one yourself, and watch what happens."

"Every dream begins with a desire. Every desire raises questions. Every question leads one on a quest. Every quest requires the willingness to seek the connections that link where you have been with where you are going. Seeking leads to doors of opportunity that will open when you make a fist of knuckles and strike the door with passion, determination, intention, and focused force. Doors then open that are intended to."

2. Joyce Meyer

She is a well known television teacher, author who has written books on overcoming fear, peace, changing your life, dealing with stress, negative people, conflicts, our mouth, our thoughts, feeling great, forgiveness and a lot more other topics she covers.

On her facebook page, she gives encouraging words of hope and the daily wisdom for important issues in our lives.

3. Lysa TerKeurst is a national speaker and NY Times Bestselling author of 'Made to Crave' as well as many other books. She is also the President of Proverbs 31 designed for Moms.

Her daily insights helps us on life's journey, with emotional issues, regrets, developing security and confidence in situations, putting an end to unhealthy cycles and a lot more other topics. Her are some of her recent thoughts:

"We all have messes in our life. Financial messes. Relationship messes. Health messes. Kid messes. Home messes. Business messes.

Sometimes messes are small and just feel like a slight annoyance. Other times, they’re so huge they strip the hope right out of our life. But here’s a thought to ponder right in the midst of your mess…

Am I letting this mess define me or refine me? The answer to this question is crucial.

...If I am letting a mess DEFINE me, I will feel hopeless.
If I am letting a mess REFINE me, I will be hopeful."

4. Victoria Osteen

She has helpful words of wisdom, encouragement and motivation for your day.

"When was the last time you took time to consider your circle of influence? Everyone is influencing someone. Who are the people you are influencing? Maybe you are influencing change in your community. You can influence by your words, your actions, and even by the look on your face."

5. Inspirational Quotes

When your day is not going well, or you are down, depressed, disappointed, overwhelmed, stressed, not sure which direction to go in your life, these quotes from famous people or people who have been through things will help you up and give you hope.

7. Dr. Henry Cloud

He is a well known speaker, author of many books since the 90's, excellent psychologist that gives wisdom for life, relationships, hard times, etc. Reading helpful insights from his facebook page is like having a free counseling session. Here are some things he shares:

"Life is composed of cycles and seasons. Nothing lasts forever. Life cycles and seasons are built into the nature of everything. When we accept that as a fundamental truth, we can align our actions with our feelings, our beliefs with our behaviors, to accept how things are, even when they die.

Everything has a life cycle. There is a time to be born and a time to die. And in between birth and death, there are many activities which have their own seasons too.

Each season also has its own set of activities. Spring is about sowing and beginnings. Where there is nothing but a waiting field, the farmer sows seeds in the expectation that they will take root and produce a harvest. In summer, things change again. It is time to tend to what has taken root. Fall is harvest time and in winter, everything dies, though preparations continue.

The problem comes when we do not accept or we willfully ignore these seasons. We hold on to traditions or ways of doing things without questioning them or challenging them. We get scared or mad when things change, taking it in negatively or thinking people are against us. There are a number examples of hanging on to people or things well past their set season and none of them end well or lead to growth or happiness.

So believe in life cycles and seasons. They are real. Therefore, when the days get shorter or it is time to change, you will not think that "something is wrong," but you will accept the change as readily as a farmer accepts the turning of the calendar. Then you will be able to end the previous season's appropriate activities and move to the next. Endings are easier to embrace when you believe something normal is happening."

8. John C. Maxwell

He is a well known speaker, author and leadership expert. He shares many insights, uplifting words to motivate you in the right direction and to embrace life's moments. Here is a sample of his work:

Today’s word is DARING. If you’re going to be successful, you have to leave your comfort zone and take a risk. If you want to be better than average, you need to get out of the average comfort zone that most people are in. Rewards are most often determined by the risk that we take. Most of the people do well because they reach far while being daring.

Think of your life and what is it that you need to step over the line to become daring. What do you need to do and how will you get out of your comfort zone?"

Wings of Encouragement

This is a health and wellness site that offers powerful quotes to help throughout our day and life. Here is a sample.


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