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8 Reasons Why Pinterest is Better Than Facebook

Updated on April 4, 2014

1. Pinterest Inspires You To Improve

The person who said “Reach for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars” would probably have been a fan of Pinterest. It encourages improvement, not perfection, and not comparison. Providing a host of ideas on how to improve your house, your looks, your cooking skills and so much more, Pinterest encourages the act of taking action.

2. Pinterest Inspires Creativity

Think of Pinterest as the equivalent of a little alien probe, poking at your long lost imagination, trying to wake it up. It begs you to think outside the box & try something new, in a very non-threatening way.

Lovers of Facebook tend to over-exaggerate achievements, waving their latest accomplishment in everyone’s faces, just for the sake of looking important. Pinterest lets you decide what projects you will tackle, without making everything public. Decided to bake that 7-layer rainbow cake with fondant frosting & it turned out looking like your 5th grader's science project? So what! At least you had a new experience & gained a funny story. For every pin, there are probably thousands of Pinterest Fails, but the point is, it inspired those people to try something they probably never would have attempted if they hadn't seen the pin.

3. Pinterest Does Not Breed Jealousy

With the exception of mentally deranged women who insist on comparing every action to that of their friends, neighbors, or relatives – Pinterest does not breed a hostile environment. Just because someone pinned a $10K designer dress, or a list of cardio workouts, doesn’t mean they’re going to buy the dress or do the workouts. It means…here is INSPIRATION. The dress could inspire a similar look you might want to find at a local store. The workout pin could encourage you to get off the couch and start jogging. But nobody is going to make you feel like crap if you don’t do either one!

4. Pinterest is for Doers, Creators, Learners, Readers, and Adventurers

Facebook is for insecure show-offs, blabber mouths, attention getters, complainers & duck faced selfies. It’s kind of like Einstein and his Theory of Relativity VS Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

I’m sure you’ve had, or at least seen posts on Facebook, from insanely needy people who enjoy making you feel guilty for doing things you like.

If you’ve posted a picture of your latest expedition to the Lovure in Paris, many of your “friends” may start to secretly hate you. The divorced friend with 6 kids & a status update about potty training is insanely jealous. Your dad is probably angry that you flew to Paris instead of visiting him at the old folks home in Florida.

Well guess what? On Pinterest, you can pin as many darn pictures of Paris as you want – and nobody will have negative things to think or say. Why? Because you aren’t waving it in their faces. Those pictures could have been taken 4 years ago. You did something that you enjoyed, and nobody is going to make you feel guilty.

5. Pinterest Lets Pictures Speak for Themselves

No need to think of some witty or show-offey thing to say in order to get the most “likes” and most attention. You see a picture, you like it, you pin it. Done. If somebody re-pins it, cool. If not, your fragile little ego isn’t broken.

Basically, Facebook is for feeding already enlarged egos. Facebook addicts love to make un-extraordinary things look special. How many times have you seen posts that say "Just finished working out drank a protein shake!!!" or "picked the kids up from school and made dinner!!". Well you don't say. Nobody has EVER done that before. Pinterest is the polar opposite - intended to for enrich your current knowledge base, without the need for bragging or begging for attention.

6. Pinterest Does Not Encourage Whining!

After seeing a series of posts about breaking up, dying dogs, broke’ down cars, and job losses, I discovered that Facebook is basically a really bad 80’s country song. People LOVE to complain on Facebook, to generate a barrage of “aww poor you” comments from friends. It’s pathetic. It’s immature. I wish they would stop. We all have bad things happen in our lives – but we do not need to make them public. Pinterest has a much more positive outlook; one that says “here’s how to improve your future” instead of “let’s cry & complain for months about our past”.

7. Pinterest is Far Less Stalker-Friendly

Another reason to avoid Facebook like the plague is because everyone and their brother will send Friend requests. EVERYONE - from your annoying overly religious neighbor, to your extended family, to ex boyfriends, to that snobby girl who never talked to you in high school. If you politely ‘ignore’ them, you will soon have a message in your inbox asking if you got their friend request - then you feel like a big jerk for not accepting.

This doesn't only apply to weird relatives & creepy exes. Less conspicuous people spy on you as well. It's especially invasive when it comes to employment. Say you go to a concert on a Wednesday night, have a few too many drinks, and want to call in sick the next day. It’s your sick time, and you have every right to do so. However, if you’ve posted any pictures or “checked in” on Facebook, forget it! Somehow your boss will find out, and you will either get a talkin’ to, or receive the evil eye from him/her for the next several weeks. Facebook tracks your every move, with the time and date posted on every comment or picture posted. How creepy is that? On Pinterest, you can be completely elusive & don’t even need to use your real name. There are no annoying Friend Suggestions, and no time/dates on your posts.

8. Pinterest Does Not Judge

So you’re a 60 year old woman who thinks Justin Bieber is awesome. Go ahead, create a Bieber fan board on Pinterest – nobody will judge you! On Pinterest, you have the choice of following only certain people or certain boards that interest YOU. This means, you can share your loves with like-minded individuals, without fear of criticism. So go ahead and pin every off-color joke, bizarre picture, or inappropriate fetish that you want ~ without fear of hearing from Great Aunt Betty about how unchristian it is for you to do whiskey shots while riding a mechanical bull. If she does happen to come across your picture on Pinterest, she probably won’t even recognize her precious little angel! Oh, and just in case you still aren’t that brave, Pinterest even allows you to create Private secret boards, which only you (or those you specifically invite) can see.

Do You Like Pinterest Better Than Facebook?

Which One Do You Prefer?

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