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What Are 8 Benefits of Using Fibre (Fiber) Optic Cables

Updated on October 25, 2010

fibre optic cable

Benefit of fibre optic installation

Over the years communication has been based on cables and more recently on sate light   or the VSAT technology, but things
are changing greatly and with the emergence of fibre optic cables being used in most part of the world,
communication has been made better

Below are some reasons why you need to consider installing a fibre optic cables

1. fibre optic cables are less expensive: compared to other types of communication transmission channels among coaxial, twisted etc
With the price being more affordable this will save the consumer a great deal when considering cost reduction strategy, the most
beneficiary of fibre optic cables are cable TV, intenet Service Provide that normally offers intenet access

2. fibre optic cables have got the largest data carrying capacity compared to other old types of cables, the reasons why they have
greater capacity is that fibre are thinner and could be coiled into a given diameter cables than coper cables which are thick
With their thinest sizes enables more communication channels either data or voice to go into a single channel to your device cable

3. Fibre optic cables normally maintains signal strength
for a longer period than coper wires that are mostly affected by external factors
With good strong signal there will be no compromising of quality output. This mean that fibre optic cables does not loose signal during transmission

4. Fibre optic cables has higher speed of signall transmission - this is made faster because they use light signal from one point to the terminal
light travels very first and this explain why fibre optic cables signal moves faster than coper wire which normally used electrical signal
With light signal end users using intenet will have clear data, clear phone communications, and clear TV images

5. External environmental factors such as humidity, light etc do not affect fibre optic cables as much as it has got greater effect on coper wires

6. Fibre optic cables uses less power to transmit signal copared to coper wires, this happens becuase signal in the fibre do not get degradable
during tranmission, hence does not use high volatge electric transmitter and this will eventual cut cost on the consumer power bill

7. optic fibre can transmit digital signal, as oposed to coper wire, since the world is moving from analogue to digital,
it would be very eceonomical to have fibre optic

8. Optic fibre cables has got less or smaller weight compared to other transmission device, with it small weight the user will have to save on spacing
when installing the fibre

Home made fibre optic cable


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