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8 free page ranking tools

Updated on October 13, 2011

Page ranking tools are great resource for webmasters and bloggers to monitor their sites performance.These page ranking tools can also be used to check out your completion for a weakness that you can take advantage of and more up the search engine listings for your keyword.If you need to examine the page rankings of a site or where the site is listed in a search engine by keyword there are many page ranking tools to give you the knowledge you need to be competitive.

8 Page Ranking Tools

CleverStats - This site offers it users the ability to download their page ranking tools for use in a variety of search engines, not just Google page rankings.There free page ranking tools saves webmasters time and hassles in checking their ranking manually.

SEO Book - This website offers a wide variety of free page ranking tools as well as paid rank tools.SEO Book is a great website to browse through and learn about what search engines are looking for in your pages.

PR Checker - A free page ranking tools that allows users to enter the domain of their site or a competitors site to see the Google rage rankings on a scale of 0 ā€“ 10 with 10 being the highest ranking

Google Page Rank - This product from Google is a tool bar that the user downloads to their browser.The tool bar shows the Google page rankings on a scale of 0 ā€“ 10 without having to enter the domain manually.

SEO Centro - A comprehensive web site with many articles about web marketing.They also offer a wide variety of free page ranking tools.SEO Centro also has plenty of information about web marketing programs and ad programs from many different companies.

Alexa - Alexa is the definitive source for website popularity information.Alexa offers users the ability to check the popularity of any website.They also list the webs most popular websites including page ranking tools. Plus Alexa offers many tools for webmasters and bloggers.They also offer the Alexa tool bar creator for marketing your site to surfers.

Page Rank Tool - This is a very simple page ranking tools to check your google page rankings from a variey of data centers.Users must enter their site manually.

SEO Company - This site offers links to a wide variety of page ranking tools and tools for SEO Optimization.They offer over 140 tools to monitor and improve your google page rankings.


This is a short list of page ranking tools to get you started in optimizing your site to attract visitors.More visitors mean more value to your site and more opportunities to earn revenue.The more visitors your site attracts, the greater the sense of accomplishment for the writer.There are many more page ranking tools on the web for you to find.If you have favorite page ranking tools, Iā€™d love to read about it


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    • gryphin423 profile image

      gryphin423 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the info, I've used a few of them but hadn't heard about all of them. Voted up and useful ;-)