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A Comparison of Canon PowerShot Cameras

Updated on November 27, 2009

As the holidays are approaching, one of the main gifts that everyone looks for is a good camera. Canon cameras are the most coveted by users, either professional or casual. This means that given a Canon camera as a gift, you can provide something of real value to your friends.

In this article I show a quick comparison of the best models for Canon cameras, so that you can see the main options available. It is not an exhaustive list, but notice that some of these options cover 90% of all uses, especially if you are just trying to buy a gift.

Canon PowerShot A1100IS 12.1 MP

The 12 megapixel cameras are now the new standard. Anything less then this will be outdated really soon. Also, it provides a very decent picture quality, where you can see fine details of most images.

This model has optical zoom (4x) and image stabilizer, which these this is also standard in most cameras in this price range. The real advantage of a Canon in this case is the small size, and the quality of Canon cameras that is well known. I have one of these, and it works flawlessly for my simple needs of taking pictures of friends and family.

Canon PowerShot SX20IS 12.1MP Digital Camera 

In the upper range of the market for cameras, if you need a model that is semi-professional, Cannon also provides a powershot model that has much more optical zoom (20x). The camera has a semi-professional lens that can make your pictures looks much better. The image stabilizing zoom allows for pictures of high quality.

The powershow camera provides a wider range of effects. You can control the luminosity and several other aspects of the camera that you can't control easily with the less expensive models.

Even with all these features, the Canon powershot sells for not much than an entry level model. This camera has helped me a lot in improving my pictures, while staying within my budget for the holiday season.


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    • profile image

      mom of 2 6 years ago

      I love this camera. It takes WONDERFUL pitures!!! I would buy it you won't be sorry!!1