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A Focus on Pervasive Computing

Updated on January 16, 2015

Pervasive computing relates to a concept, which explains the prevalence of computers anywhere and everywhere. It differs with desktop computing in the sense that it can occur in any format, in any device or in any location. Further, pervasive computing goes beyond any realm of private computers: it presents an idea that a device of any nature, right from tools, clothing, human body, appliances, homes, and cars could be implanted with a chip which is then connected to a vast network of other devices.

The main idea behind pervasive computing is a combination of existing networks and technologies with voice recognition, wireless computing, artificial intelligence and internet capability. This is purposed to generate an environment whereby; the connectivity of various devices is entrenched in a way that makes the connectivity unobtrusive and available throughout. Fundamental technologies, which will support pervasive computing, include sensors, internet advanced middleware, mobile code, operating system, microprosessors, mobile protocols, networks, and new materials. In addition, this concept could also be described as ambient intelligence, everywhere, or ambient media and each of the terms emphasizes slightly varied aspects.

In essence, pervasive computing has been entrenched into today’s internet marketing endeavors. Further, it is more probable that in order to sustain a profitable marketing in the near future, many approaches will have to be altered (Weiser, 1999). What is more, pervasive computing is anticipated to result into more people accessing the internet as compared to the present state. This implies that internet marketers will have an added advantage.


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