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A Gadget Gift for a Geeky Girl

Updated on August 1, 2012

If there is a special geeky girl in your life, here is one product that she is sure to appreciate. This super cute heart doubles as a pendant for a black cord necklace and a USB flash drive.

If you want to make this gift even more special, fill it with specially picked music or movies from iTunes or another download retailer. You can make her a mixtape or pick out the next movie you want to watch together as a couple.

Even though this would make a nice surprise for someone you’re dating, it also makes a great gift for any geeky girl headed off to college, or any girl who just appreciates cute gadgets and having file storage around her neck at all times.

You can pick it up for cheap through, so it's a simple and easy gift to get your hands on.

Other awesome geeky jewelry items currently on the market include Hermione's time turner necklace, a D20 die necklace, which includes a working D20 die, and a working sundial ring--all available through ThinkGeek. (pictured below)


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