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A Good Action Camera Alternative to GoPro

Updated on May 26, 2016
Camera in waterproof case
Camera in waterproof case
Front of camera
Front of camera
The screen
The screen
Selection buttons and the up button is also the Wi-Fi button
Selection buttons and the up button is also the Wi-Fi button
Micro USB and micro hdmi connections
Micro USB and micro hdmi connections
Ok button
Ok button
Battery compartment
Battery compartment

Alternative to GoPro

Action cameras has been and probably will continue to rise. Brands such as GoPro will ultimately be cloned or copied, but keep in mind not all clones are trying to rip off a specific brand. Most companies will try to come up with their own technology to stand out of the crowd. There are many brands that can be an alternative to GoPro, but many of those brands seem to rebrand a single manufacturer. After a thorough research for a decent camera because I am only looking to use it here and there and it's not something I want to invest heavily into. Specs for most brands especially on amazon seem to all have very similar technology but with a different brand name. There are a few brands that do stand out on there own, such as the Yi action camera, DBPower, and a few others. Although overall performance isn't as great as the GoPro, but the price is also a fraction of it. Understanding how to tweak the camera can help, the technology of these cameras whether it's high end or not is fairly cheap to produce, so in the end you are paying for the brand name.

Depending on it's use and how frequent you need it should help with your decision in buying a camera. If you ever watch motorcycle youtube videos, you can see how the qualities are and most people usually add a link to what they use. I started looking into a camera for off road and underwater use, it isn't going to be as frequent as I would like so I rather get something of a reasonable price. I don't want the camera's main function to be sitting in my room collecting dust and it probably will be.

The amount of megapixels and frame rate per second is something to consider along with it's power source and it's duration. From what I had search for online, most cameras seem to come with a lot of accessories, some doesn't come with anything but the camera. Making a choice to purchase a camera isn't really too difficult, prices are all pretty close together aside from the GoPro of course. GoPro cameras are really great and they have come a long way in doing what they do best and in my opinion, the cost is justified. But for beginners it is a bit steep and having other less costly options can help.

Alternative with the DBPower EX5000

I have purchased the DBPower EX5000 from what I had researched and based on other peoples' reviews. The camera comes with quite a bit of accessories and a waterproof case for using the camera underwater or rain. Most common use based on what it comes with is attachment to a helmet or a bike. I will mount it on my car to test it out, there is no connection for an external mic, but there is a micro usb port so hopefully it can use a mic through that port. The cost of the camera is between $65 - $67 depending on the color. A significant price difference when compared with the GoPro, though the GoPro has come a long way with its technology and improvements. Eventually depending on my use I might get the GoPro but that all depends on my needs and how often I'll use it.

Testing of the DBPower EX5000

I did a hasty test with the camera and forgot the sound, it rattle slightly in the case but other than that the video quality is pretty good. I also forgot to remove the protective plastic from the lens, I will update the video when I get a chance to do another. I will try to do one on a helmet instead next time to see if I am able to use an external mic with a second casing. From the initial test I found the camera to be well worth the money and more. I did a seperate video at home without the casing and the audio and video was great, the color is very soothing to the eye and the sound is fine. I'll try to have another video for those who might be interested in the camera.

DBPower EX5000

Daytime recording (sunny day)


The options in the camera is self explanatory, the instructions are fairly clear. The only problem I had ran into was trying to turn the Wi-Fi on. I thought it was in the menu options but it was the up button on the side. I had to hold the button to turn the Wi-Fi on. Overall the camera is easy to operate and the video and picture quality is better than most. I'll try to update the videos on this page as I go and when time permits. I hope this helps those looking. If you have any questions or comments please note it beneath and thanks for viewing.


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